Coins under my Radar for September

Coins under my Radar for September

By Tikyi Khant | Tikyi Khant | 18 Sep 2020

Last night,I scanned through many coins listed on Binance for potential swing trading setups and there are 3 good trading setups from TA point of view and 1 coin from FA point of view.

So,lets get started

1.Binance Coin (BNB)

First of all,this coin has always been under my Radar and I have published a setup about it on my TradingView

Here are the results


I saw the 32$ was coming since it was around 21$

It broke out as I expected and now retesting 25-26.5$ which are immediate buy zones.

BNB can push it ways back to All-Time-High with all the bullish news(FA wise) such as BNB Burn,Binance Yield Farming and Binance Smart Contracts.


2.Ontology (ONT)

I can see 2 setups from ONT from large timeframe and both setups are super bullish !


-Horizontal boxes mark the support & resistances

-Yellow box marks the trend line which gives Inverse Head & Shoulder Pattern .

-Looking at Red Box alone will give up Cup and Handle Pattern

MACD has gone full green mode in weekly chart in history for the first time ,preparing to hit the orange box initially.

Any Good news for ONT?Hell yea.You can farm Wings by saving ur ONT on Binance.

If you like to know more about Wing farming with ONT,Read here .


3.Swipe (SXP)


Bottom is in for SWIPE from TA point of view and it is a project hugely backed by Binance.

You can even earn SXP weekly by holding BNB in Binance Spot Wallet.


Coin with Good Fundamentals for September



Massive news ahead of all 2020 for COTI.Not much to say.

That's all.Thanks for reading guys.


If you want trading setups,follow me on tradingview where I usually posts charts there

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Tikyi Khant
Tikyi Khant

I started the journey by doing airdrops,then I become investor then I became full time trader

Tikyi Khant
Tikyi Khant

I'll be mainly sharing about Trading Analysis,Research on new promising coins,Bounties & Airdrops mainly

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