About time BCH rally in this bullish market like other coins?

About time BCH rally in this bullish market like other coins?

By Tikyi Khant | Tikyi Khant | 14 Sep 2020

Hi all,

I just ran through a few charts scanning for good setups and I found that BCH is currently sitting on 0.236 fib level of support.

BCH/USDT Binance


My last posts about BCH went very well hitting the yellow box when I alerted the buy signal at green box.

Shorterm Bullish Cycle started for BitcoinCash!

Post 2

Right now,I believe we are at the support of green box which will bounce towards initally towards red box /0.382 fib which marked the initial resistance.

Yes,I know BCH pumped in USDT also but ....

Compared to other coins,BCH is massively underperforming.

How do I know that?

Look at BTC pair.Once BTC pumps,almost every other coins will pump in USD.

But to outpump BTC,they have to pump in BTC pair.

Take a look at BCH/BTC Binance


It kept going down in BTC pair.

If it stayed stable in BTC pair,it would have resulted better pump in BCH/USDT pair.

In the end,I just wanted to say it is good time to collect BCH as it is preparing for another bounce ,confirmed by both stoch RSI.But I cannot predict about the strength of this upcoming pump in BTC pair.If the strength is good,we will hit yellow box or even breakout to 500$.

That's all.Ty/
You can ask me to chart any other coins

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Tikyi Khant
Tikyi Khant

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Tikyi Khant
Tikyi Khant

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