November Splinterlands Earnings: How Much You Can Make Ordinarily Make

By positivitee | Thoughts and Prayers | 2 Dec 2020

Splinterlands earnings review Nov 2020

Here's my review of Splinterlands earnings in November 2020. This includes my DEC earnings from battles, quest rewards and season ending rewards. I am currently playing in the Silver league and earned 3,149 DEC over the month as a casual player. At the current levels of DEC this is roughly around $3.

Have not included the value of cards earned in this, which is easily another 3,000 DEC.

Ranked Battle Rewards

I had a total of 170 wins over the 30-day long season. This works out to about 5.67 battles per day or just enough to secure the daily quest rewards. Total earnings from ranked battles was 2,302 DEC.

Quest Rewards

DEC quest rewards came up to 527 DEC over the month.

Ranked Season Rewards

DEC rewards at the end of the season came up to 320 DEC over the month.


The total earnings for the month of November came up to 3,149 DEC. This should be on average a consistent view for similar level casual players since it takes the luck of the cards rewards out of the equation. 

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