December Splinterlands Earnings: Casual Player Gaming

By positivitee | Thoughts and Prayers | 2 Jan 2021

Splinterlands Dec 2020 Earnings

How much does a casual player make playing Splinterlands? Read on to find out as I track how much I make on a monthly basis. As someone who only plays to complete the daily quest and barely any more than that, I think I qualify as a 'casual player'.

Card rewards make it hard to make comparisons across months as cards can be sold for more (or less) than what they're worth, depending on market conditions. So I'll be making my tracking and comparisons based on the following categories instead: Ranked-battles, Quest rewards, and Ranked Season rewards.

Ranked Battle Rewards

These are the rewards you get from battling other players in a ranked-battle. You can think of it as the reward for providing liquidity in the battle system. In December, I made 2,237.7 DEC from battles.

Quest Rewards

These are the rewards from completing the daily quest. I made a total of 1,845 DEC from completing quests in December.

Season Ending Rewards

At the end of the season, you're rewarded with a certain number of loot chests depending on which league you end up reaching. I finished in Gold III, which is my maximum given the DEC value of my cards. My season rewards for December came up to 341 DEC. 

In Total

Total rewards earned for the month of December came up to 4,423.7 DEC. At $0.0008 per DEC, that works out to about $3.53. Another way of looking at it is that earn a 4.4% monthly return on the value of my cards and that works out to a 52.8% APR. Not too shabby.

If you're considering joining Splinterlands, please consider using this affiliate link and I will loan you some legendary cards to help your ascent up the ladder.


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