Comparing Cub Finance's Dens With PancakeSwap's Syrup Pools

By positivitee | Thoughts and Prayers | 17 Mar 2021

Cub Finance Cub Dens


Cub Finance ( is LeoFinance's Farms and Staking offering on the Binance Smart Chain. Needless to say, it has opened our eyes to the world of DeFi for a lot of us. If you are familiar with the Binance Smart Chain, then you would have heard of PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap is the biggest yield farm on Binance Smart Chain, so let's look at what they have and how CUB compares in terms of their Cub Dens and Syrup Pools.

Dens vs Pools


Cub Dens and Syrup pools are relatively easy to understand compared to liquidity swap pools. Here, you just have to stake a particular coin and earn a return per block. There are two major differences at the moment between the two platforms.

1. Yields


Yields on Cub Finance are significantly higher than those on PancakeSwap at the moment. You can get 300% - 500% on Cub Finance compared to 110% - 130% on PancakeSwap. Be aware that the yields on Cub Finance will halve next week, but I expect them to finally stabilize in the 150% - 220% range, significantly higher than what is on offer on PancakeSwap.

2. Staked Coin

Another big difference between the two platforms is what you need to stake. When it comes to Syrup Pools, you stake cake and decide which pool's token to earn. On the other hand in Cub Dens, you stake the pool's token and earn CUB instead.

Right now, the Cub Dens on offer are all major coins. With Syrup Pools, you are producing tons of shitcoins which no one really needs anyway. Such a waste. Completely unnecessary.


Higher yields and a better use case make me more bullish on the future of CUB Dens as opposed to PancakeSwap's Syrup pools. Cub Finance has $12M locked after just a week. Will be interesting to see the TVL after a month or so. If you are looking for some high yields and a relatively safe platform as far as DeFi is concerned, check out LeoFinance and their Cub Finance platform.

A version of this post was posted on my Hive Blog earlier.

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