New Tech On The Horizon? (Quick Thought)

    Remember Sword Art Online? The anime with the VR headset that even emulated our senses? It's now officially at the start. Our gaming/entertainment is heading officially in that direction with the conception of VR, Neuralink, and now the Playstation 5 controller. With its vibration based tactile controller will come the concept of a denim-thick body suit which will lead to the adoption and acceptance of said technology. 



                                                                              Images from the film Ready Player One


  Think this ^ but better.. and honestly, more dangerous, but so worth it.


What we have yet to see is where Elon Musks Neuralink project goes with its planned start of human trials for late 2020 but seeing as how close the end of the year is and with the restrictions plaguing us right now, its unlikely to happen. Regardless I'll still keep my fingers crossed ~



   Tesla seems to be doing well so maybe it'll translate over to Neuralink.

   I believe it'll be here sooner than later, mid 2030's maybe? I don't really know anything about engineering but ideas and conception are my shit so that's my guess.


P.s. Now that I think about it, AI is going to play a huge part in it because of its processing and problem solving power.. Hmmm



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