Recognize freedom

Recognize freedom

By KiBLS | This is my way! | 9 Oct 2019

Recognize freedom

Like a regal lion I wanted to roar. 
While I was breaking through every door.

I wanted to get faster with every meter. 
And I was sprinting like a cheetah.

A big steam roller I used to clear the road. 
Like a terminator I was in a destroying mode.

My quest turned me into a real berserker. 
But honestly I became just a simple worker.

In this way the time until now has passed. 
But another change will happen very fast.

All burdens and worries are suddenly gone. 
After I realized that I've already won.

(written by KiBLS)

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Author: KiBLS | Written: ~22.06.2019 | Published: 23.06.2019 | German translation: Follow soon! | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: This is my way!


Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with some impressive 3D graphics. KiBLS is poet and multimedia artist from germany. My complete poetry collection on publish0x:

This is my way!
This is my way!

This book contains 16 poems so far and was written in 2019. In this series of poems I have thought about my way and this is what has come into being

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