Watercolor experiment using corel painter

By Seaweed King | SeaweedKing's Artwork | 29 Jul 2020


Today, I want to create a psychedelic effect using the watercolor brush in corel.

If you don’t know, psychedelic art movement have been here since 1960s. It features a mind-boggling effect to the viewers especially when you stare at it for a long time. Such art made great used of bright colors, distorted shapes, and spectrums to have that mind manifesting effect.

My main subject for this artwork today is a tree. Trees has always been associated with wisdom or the mind. I thought this would be a great subject to create a psychedelic effect with because of such association. This was also inspired by the tree in front of our house. I was always stare at it during my free time and sometimes I always feel like it stares back at me. As it was trying to know what I was thinking. Anyways, I thought it would be a great subject in an art.


Here the process:

1.) I first sketch out the base- the trunk of the tree.

2.) After that, I went for the leaves. I didn’t do much detailed with the leaves since I was expecting some adjustments when coloring it out.


3.) Then, I proceeded to coloring it out using a watercolor brush. Again, I first went on the trunk of the tree. Use a black and brown color for that trunk. I made the color black dominating to highlight shadows.

4.) Next is the leaves. I colored the base of the leaves dark green for the shadows.  

5.) I used a light green color around the base of the leaves. I removed the sketches here for you to see it shape.


6.) To have that psychedelic effect, I mixed a blue and reddish coloring to its leaves.

7.) I put some watercolor splash down the bottom.

8. Lastly, I put a light coloring around the leaves to bring out its psychedelic effect.


That’s it for today folks. I hope you enjoy the process and the artwork. Thank you for reading.

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Seaweed King
Seaweed King

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SeaweedKing's Artwork
SeaweedKing's Artwork

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