Why Are There So Many Unresolved Problems With The Brave Browser and Wallet?
Why Are There So Many Unresolved Problems With The Brave Browser and Wallet?

Here we go again. Another unresolved issue with the Brave Browser and accessing wallets. Why do these problems go unresolved? Why so many bugs? The Brave Browser itself is a great browser. I like the fact that it's secure, it's fast, it's efficient, and it pays you to click on ads. But wait! The payment system is only as good as the ability to access the payment, right? 

Today I was able to access my wallet- something I could not do a few days ago. I wrote about my experience and at least one reader had heartburn over it. But according to Brave's community help board, lots of people are having problems accessing wallets and accessing BAT they've earned clicking on ads. Something you will also notice while reading the community boards is that the problems users are having tend to go unresolved. 

Yes, I know, Brave is a great browser. No dispute there. But the wallet feature has some bugs! 

Here is the message I got today after I was finally able to log in to my wallet:


So, I head on over to the Brave community to find a solution and I find a thread on the very subject. The problem is that there is no solution! 





My purpose is to convey my experience with the Brave Browser. I like it. I like the concept but it isn't super user friendly and the user support seems to be invisible. Do the creators even know about these problems? I will post in the community again and see what happens (or doesn't happen.)


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