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Thirsty Thursday (3) Pepsi

By Fred flinstone | #Thirsty Thursday | 13 Nov 2020

   Hey guys gusse what today is? It is Thirsty thursday, and todays drink is brought  to you by Pepsi. Pepsi is one of those drinks that has been around for ages. (brief history). Growing up i was spoiled and i used to drink a "pepsi" product ever day or so, weather it be "pepsi" or mountain dew. After many years doing this i grew up and started cutting back on the calories. (trading one bad habit for another instead of 1 or 2 pepsi products a day, i now sip off of 1 energy drink can. )

  Pepsi in my option is a sweeter tasting drink over its competitor coke. Even though my preference is pespi there times when i would want to dink a coke instead. ( There is NO superior brand when it come to pepsi vs coke, they both have their use cases. ) For example for what ever reason coke tends to be a mixer then Pepsi. Another example of when i prefer coke to Pepsi is when i just ate some that was supper supper sweat ( panda express's  orange chicken, candy, or other sweat items,) yet i am still in the mood for  a soda.I prefer Pepsi after eating a big giant burger/fires combo meal. There are many other use cases for when choosing Pepsi vs coke; However i dont have the time or patience to discuss all the different scenarios in this article.

overall thoughts and feeling - I prefer Pepsi to coke and i will not be swayed  any time soon; However there are times i would grab a coke over a pepsi for different use cases (*some stated above).  Like always i post fun links in description down.

(brief history)

(website )

(funny pepsi commercials)

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#Thirsty Thursday
#Thirsty Thursday

Every Thursday i will go over a drink and review it , The range will be any kinda drink, Water, Soda, different booze, the possibilities are endless. Will one day merge with another blog i creating however until then the i am keeping the food and drinks thing separate. BE on the LOOK out for when i do merge those to blogs together.Will have an Adult warning if i am reviewing Adult beverages

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