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Krogan is a multiplayer game built on the Elrond blockchain and brings the world of crypto closer to the gaming world with the help of their Krogan Token and their NFT marketplace.
Krogan aims to build an interstellar Play-to-Earn game and an entire ecosystem around it, using $KRO as a utility token.



Earn while you play

The game features spaceship NFTs of different levels and abilities.
You can use these spaceships to explore the Kroganverse, mine, evolve, colonize, and destroy, among other things.
There is one thing that all of these actions have in common, earning/collecting more of the scarce resource $KRO.


Platform features

Mining for resources, building companies, becoming a faction leader, and interstellar battles are only a few of the platform features.
The game will be entirely built on the blockchain, ensuring full transparency and trust in the system.
The game will have a pleasingly retro feel combined with futuristic views of the interstellar civilizations because it uses high-quality pixel art.





Team Vision

The team's vision is to create a platform for gamers and investors through a set of easy-to-use tools and great rewards.



ElrondNFTSwap.com, is the website that ultimately will serve as a store for in-game items when the game is complete.
It began as a trading platform for NFTs from around the Elrond Network.


The game

The multiplayer game focuses on social activities, teamwork, decision-making, and also mining, crafting, and, of course, a clever combat system.
Trading materials and items within the community will have a huge factor in generating income and increasing your performance in the game.



The team focuses on the mathematics of the game economy while protecting Krogan tokens from inflation.
One of the problems a lot of game tokens are facing.




What exactly is $KRO?

$KRO is a community-owned token that serves as the game's official token.
$KRO is used, by players, to increase their power in the game.
Players will be able to claim rewards if they engage in battles, complete in-game quests, stake their tokens, or participate in Faction DAO voting.
Elrond Explorer Krogan ($KRO) Token address : erd1amtjw4s4j60ucl9fjeu4x5elhdlhml4654uhg77ll4p93u4afa8s9lsrwq


Token distribution

The supply is 500.000.000 $KRO tokens, and it will be distributed according to the next pie chart.





Token utility


  • Governance

$KRO holders may stake $KRO to allow them to participate in the governance of factions.

  • Staking

Staking $KRO for great APY returns.
Stake your earned $KRO to earn even more.

  • In-Game Currency

Players are able to use $KRO to trade and upgrade items.
Factions can use $KRO to expand their territory, increase defenses, and research new technologies.

  • Play to Earn

Various tasks will be available in the game to earn $KRO.


Token Economy

$KRO token was created to facilitate a complex economy.
The more it circulates, the more benefits bring to the community.




50% of all the company earnings will be allocated to the Rewards Pool.

Governance and Faction DAO

Faction Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are the most significant part of the game.
Each player will be associated with one of these factions and contribute to their direct and indirect success.




How to earn KRO


  • Staking

Stake your earned $KRO to earn even more $KRO.

  • Play to Earn

Various tasks will be available in the game to earn $KRO.

  • Holding 3+ spaceship NFTs in your wallet.

Holding 3+ Krogan spaceship NFTs will make you a shareholder of ElrondNFTSwap.com and earn 30% of all the revenue generated.




In the first year, staking will take 80% of all rewards for that year, due to the game being in development.
From 2023, the ratio of rewards will be 40% in staking and 60% in play to earn.

The rewards system is based on the distribution of 50% of the token supply - 250M $KRO tokens.



There are four stages to the pre-sale.

  • Phase 1 - SOLD OUT

8M $KRO at $0.01 per $KRO, on 22 March 2022

  • Phase 2 - SOLD OUT

10M $KRO at $0.012 per $KRO, on 30 March 2022

  • Phase 3

15M $KRO at $0.014 per $KRO, on TBA

  • Phase 4

17M $KRO at $0.016 per $KRO, on TBA


Purchase $KRO from

Krogan Launchpad




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