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Was my social experiment on Publish0x a success? And the result of the experiment

Earlier this week I published a post here on Publish0x as a social experiment. I asked you the readers of the post to take part in it. In short, I asked two questions, the first was How do you tip, I then gave three choices. The second question was When do you tip. Here there were only two options.  If you want to take a closer look at the options or read the post in its entirety you can find it here:

How do the community on Publish0x tip? Please help me find out!

Was the social experiment a success

First, I would like to mention that due to faults of my own. I let a big opsi, sneak into the original post. And that was I was not clear enough about what the questions pertained to. And that was the tipping habits of users here on Publish0x. And In my original post there where room for interpretations that it could be regarding tips in general. Like tips at restaurants.

And because of some hours having passed between publication and me noticing this. I instead decided to kill the post and re-post it. Explaining my reasons for doing so. This is the post linked above.

A second thing that was suboptimal, was that the new post did not garner close to as many wives as my posts on Publish0x topics normally do. My last three posts had all averaged well over 1000 views. One of them even being both my most views and most tipped post to date. So While I did not expect that level of success I was hoping to at least get around 500 views. Instead, the post only got, as of me writing this, 294 views.

The third thing to note is more of a general one, that I was aware of before this. And that is that communities or groups of people tend to have very low response rates when it comes to surveys in general. I had sort of a lofty goal of there being around %5 of the readers willing to take the time to like the comments with the answers that related to them. That combined with ~500 readers would give 25 people who gave their answers. 

Now for the reveal of the data the social experience has given us. I have rearranged the answers to the two questions, as well as in the order given in the post. For easier clarity.


As you can see we have 5 answers to the first question and only 4 answers to the second one. this would mean that 5 people participated in the survey. And I would like to give them a sincere thank you, thank you. For taking the time to do so. It is most appreciated. And I hope you know who you are.

Back to the social survey and the answers. Given that 5 people answered, and the low viewing number this gives us an answer frequency of 1.7% which is in line whit what to expect with these types of surveys, to be honest. My 5% was a bit on the optimistic side. I was hoping the fact of this being a community, would boost the numbers a bit.

To answer if the social experiment was a success or not. I would say it was a success. We got an ok number of participants. or I should say a number in line whit what I should have expected. What was a bit lackluster was the total number of views the post got. I feel that is more my fault than anyone else's. What I mean by that is It is I who wrote it, gave it its title, and picked the thumbnail. Not to mention the failure of the original post. 

Time for conclusions from the social experiment on Publish0x

Well due to the low amount of answers there are not that much of conclusions to be made with certainty. What we can make out are trends. And the two trends I can see are that the amount people tip varies.  There is no majority that tips in one way or another. And I will take this to mean that hopefully the community is engaged and find the posts useful and worth their time. 

Similarly, I could make an argument for the trend that people tip a post no matter what. To be in a positive lite. It could be interpreted as the community being engaged, they actively look for and read posts that they think are of interest to them. Thus they do not just click and tip. But of course, this can also be interpreted in the opposite way. The readers click, tip, and click on the next post. In order to just complete the tips as fast as possible.

What does the future hold for me at Publish0x?

I will continue to post about my experience here on Publish0x. I also will continue to share what I have learned with as many as I can. And this is probably not the last social experiment I will try and run here either. So I hope you will follow along with me on my journey here at Publish0x. 

I also have started a new series of posts. They will be titled My Journey to Financial Freedom, and each post is another steep made on my journey. So I hope you will follow me along on that journey as well. =) You can find the first post in the series here.


Until the next time, as always take care and have a great day. And if you want to support me and the content I make please consider giving me a follow and reading my other posts in my two blogs. You can find them here and here.


See you on the interwebs!




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