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How do the community on Publish0x tip? Pleas help me find out!

Due to oversights from me, I have chosen to remove the original post and republish it. I for once was unclear that this was about how we as a community tip here on Publish0x. And not about tips in general. A clear oversight on my parts. And I apologize for it. The second one was I accidentally omitted a second variable, this is regarding if you tip or not. This will work in complement to the original statements. This is the following: I tip a post no matter what, or I only tip if I think the post is good enough. 

I have been wanting to write a post about this for some time now. But I have not felt the time was or that I exactly know how to formulate it the way I wanted it. What I mean by that is I know what I want the goal of the post to be, but not necessary the best way to get us there. What I have arrived at is that I want to try and conduct a survey of sort. With the help of you, the community here on Publish0x. Below the post in the comment is five separate comments made by me. They read as follows:

Three options for how you tip:

  • I always tip the minimum, 20%, no matter what.
  • I tip a % based on how much I liked, enjoyed or found the post to be useful.
  • I always tip higher then the minimum 20%, no matter what.

Two options for when you tip:

  • I tip a post no matter what
  • I only tip if I think the post is good enough. 

What I would like you the reader to do is simply give the the statement that fits with your sentiment the most a thumbs up. Of the first three statements only one can be chosen. Of the last two, regarding when you tip, also pick the one that fits best with you. So to clarify. Pick one of the three statements that fit with the amount you tip. And also pic the best statement of the two that fits best with when you tip. And This way I will be able to tally the votes for them and present it in a future post. I also will like to say that there are no "wrong" answers here. And the second this is you will be completely anonymous. There is no way to tell or see who has given a comment a thumbs up or not. And the last thing is I would like to ask that you refrain from giving more then one of the three top comments a thumbs up. And the same goes for the last two. That would defeat the purpose of the survey. Last of I would like to say thank you for participating in my ad hock survey. Thank you!

And now I thought I would disclose the way I go about it. And by no means do I think that this is the best or only way to go about doing it. It is more the way I have fallen into doing it.

I use the second option. And that is I tip based on if I liked the article or not. But to be completely honest I rarely tip higher then 40%. Why so, it is mostly because I have not found a post that truly have clicked with me as a person. And this is most likely because I am very picky when it comes to most things. So even if I enjoy the post I can often find things that I think could have been done differently or things I did not like. 

As an example, I have seen a few posts where people seem to simply leave a long trail of links to all their posts. And usually this makes up half the scrolling length of the article. That is a big no no for me. If you want to link related articles, articles in the same series or articles that you talk about. That I strongly encourage you to do as a writer. Because as a reader I myself find that sort of thing helpful if I would like to read more on a topic or follow up. But if you have a long running series, and your starting to get up above 10 posts in it. Maybe only link the first and the most recent. Because now your getting to a fairly long list. 

And as an example of how I think, and why I probably never have tipped above 40%. And probably never will tip a full 100%. I can take eBay. Every once fav..  an auction site most people know. They have a 5 star rating system. To me this means that if a seller provides above average services in some way I will give them a 4 or 5 star review. At least in my head that is how I think when I see the system. But the stark reality of it al is it works in a completely different way. If the seller simply provided you with the bare minimum of what you expect. Basically ships the item you bought in the timeframe they have said they would. Then they expect you to give them a 5 star review. 


And I have noticed other site, not just eBay have similar, I feel hesitant to use this word, problems with their review system. If I take a look at IMDb. They use a 10 star rating system. In my head this means that an average movie that is watchable but nothing more should have a 5 star average. But what I find is that most movies I would rate at 4-5 stars tend to have anywhere from 5 to 7 stars. So I feel like there is a inflation in the reviews here as well. And sure you could argue that this would imply, that this simply means I am more picky then most people. But I feel that there is more to it. A movie that a lot of people give a 6-7 star rating. I would argue have movies that are so much better then it is. That if it would have been given a 5 star rating those movies would have been a 10. But what about those movies now? If you move up the average that means there is less room to differentiate the movies on the top end of the spectrum. While there is now created extra room for movies on the low end. 

That makes no sense to me. Because what you are telling me is that a movie with a 7.2 average rating is only two stars worse then the two current movies with the highest ratings on iMDb. Namely The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemption. I would argue that you could take basically any of the 7.2 rated movie and it would be far from as good as those two movies. And that is not me saying that the 7.2 rated movie is bad in anyway. It gives more room to rate the "bad" movies. Compared to the room to rate the good movies. 

I have ranted long enough. I do hope that you gotten a little bit of a insight in how my mind works, despite it being a scary place to be at. ^^ And I also hope that you will partake in my survey. And pleas pleas, only give the thumbs up to one of my comments, the one that fits best with your sentiment. And pleas share your thoughts and opinions on this topic in the comments down below.

Until the next time, as always take care and have a great day. And if you want to support me and the content I make pleas consider giving me a follow and reading my other posts in my two blogs. You can find them here and here.


See you on the interwebs!




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