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The how in how to engage readers on Publish0x, let us talk about it

It has been a sort of mystery to me. The how of how to get people so engaged that they will use the comment section. 

Are there different types of engagement?

Do the topic matter. Well, I guess it can sort of doing. I assume if you write an unpopular or a post where you express a very extreme opinion. This would get people to turn their heads. And presumably use the comment section to tell you you're wrong but in the normal internet way.

So that would be one type of engagement. But I think the vast majority of us are not looking for that type of engagement.

So what is left? Is there another type of engagement? Well, I would say there is. I would scale this constructive engagement. This is where people engage in discussions. Use the comments section to help inform either the writer or other readers. The type of engagement is constructive. In more ways than one. If both help people and help to build the community. Making it stronger.

So I only want huggy, feely, nice comments

Well no. Not at all. That is not what I am talking about. If I made a mistake or messed up. Call me out on it by all means. That way I am able to try and fix it. But what I am saying is that you do not have to be rude or elitist about it. Neither do you need to be touchy-feely about it. You can just simply point out what is wrong and why. 

And in the same way, you do not only need to post if you agree with me. It is perfectly fine to have different opinions. In fact, I really like discussions. And those are pretty hard to have if we all have the same opinion. So far I have had a few of them in the comment section. And some are better than others. I am however glad to know that I have yet had any bad discussions in the comment section of my own posts. Wich, I hold as a badge of honor, knowing that the readers I attract are the good type.

But how do we get people to engage?

The short sad answer is I do not know. So far I have only been able to create a handful of posts that have gotten any type of big engagement. And by big, I mean more than a few people commenting, and the comments going back and forth.

A really good example, and probably the best one I have in one of my posts can be seen here:


My thoughts on the how, that I can give you tho. I think that what gets people going are topics that are engaging to them. This can be because they cover an event that has caused a lot of commotion. Like the recent UST and LUNA crash. 

Another way I think this can be achieved as well is by having thought-provoking posts. This of course is way harder than I make it out to be. Creating this type of content I would say is probably the pipedream for most writers. 

The last way I think this can be done is by sheer numbers. If you can grow your fanbase large enough. You should get either several readers that comment on a post. Or a handful of super readers that read and comment on everything you do. 

My reality is that I sometimes can find the sweet spot with the content I create. The sweet spot that is I cover a topic that happens to be the current one and I cover it in the "right" way. For my thought-provoking content, well that is something I try and work on every day. So maybe one day I will be able to create one such piece of content. But I do not foresee that happening any time soon. Regarding my readers, I am still immensely happy every tie I watch the current number, and every time I get a notification that someone new has followed me. Thank you, to all of you. So I would call it a work in progress.

And last, I would like to say that I really appreciate each and everyone who does comment on a post I make. I really appreciate it. And I always try and get back to you as fast as I can, and always try and say thank you. But in case I have missed you, thank you.

Do you have any thoughts on how to get readers to engage with your posts? If you are a reader, what is it that makes you engage, and comment on a post? Please, everyone, share and comment your thoughts and experiences on this in the comment section down below. I really look forward to reading about your thoughts on this topic.


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