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STA is getting swapped out here on Publish0x

Over at Publish0x Igor teased earlier today that STA will get swapped out in a few weeks.

STA goes bye-bye

Earlier today over at Publish0x telegram, where Igor is holding the fort basically every day. He was being his helpful self. And a user was asking what tokens we could earn on Publish0x. This was most likely a new user to the community or someone who had yet to join.

It was then Igor, probably bursting with enthusiasm over the news, let slip that STA was getting swapped out.


And apparently, it will happen in a few weeks. Sadly this was all the teaser Igor let slip. But the well-respected might be a clue. If we look back historically Ethereum has been used for tips. And it is still used for many competitions. And I would say it is a coin that is very well respected. But it is a coin. And Igor I think perfectly called it a token. So I think we can rule Eth out. And as Eth is valued quite high as well. We would not really be earning enough Eth to cover the transaction fees.

And with the new replacement being a well-respected token, that basically rules out any blockchain coin. But it could be one of the actual stable stablecoin. As they actually are tokens and coins in name only. Seeing that KuCoin is sort of getting featured on the site and premiered as a place to deposit your earnings. My guess will be that the new token will be KuCoin. The thing I think it has against it is the fact that it is currently at a fairly high value. But it is still around 100 times lower than Eth. 

What do you think will be the coin that replaces STA, do you have any guesses? Please let me know in the comments down below.

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