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Rising Star, a free to play guide for up to level 20ish

Rising Star, a free to play guide for up to level 20ish

After having played Rising Star for a little over two weeks now I feel I have gotten a firm grasp at the core mechanics of doing missions. So I thought I would share some of what I have learned. Hoping it will help other new players.

My tips for starting out

Unless time is important, always run the mission that cost the most energy or is the highest level you can do. This is because at the start I found that experience points always were trickling in, but starbits were the big bottleneck. And the best way to maximize your startbits earned per % energy spend is to run the highest level mission you can.

If we were to compare the starting mission, Illegal Busking we can see that it will pay me 1 to 21 starbits. I currently have 340 fans so this is why the increase to the maximum earned is higher than 14.

Rising star illegal.png


This will allow me to earn anywhere from 1/15 to 21/15 starbits per energy spent. This puts it at best slightly over 1 starbit per energy I spend.

If I on the other hand run the last mission, Saturday Headline, it will pay out anywhere from 350 to 1417 starbits. But the energy cost is also much higher at 100%. But if we do the math of how much you earn. You will see that the minimum earning is 350/100 or 3.5 starbits per energy spent. Compare this to the 1/15 starbits per energy you earn from the first mission that is available. You will see that if you earn the minimum from this mission you end up earning much more than you do if you were paid the maximum from the first mission.

This principle holds true for all missions at the starting location. All of them have a higher payout than the previous one. So this means that you will maximize your starbits earning by running the highest level mission you can.

FYI, Starbits is the in-game currency used. They can be swapped for Hive and then converted into $. So you can potentially earn a little $for playing.

Buying cards

You also might have noticed that in order for you to be able to complete higher missions you need more fans. There are two ways to get more fans, you can get drunks, that temporarily increase the number of fans you have. Or you can buy cards that have fans on them. All cards you own will add their stats to your stats.

When you are starting out I recommend you use your initial starbits you earn from mission to buy cards that will give you as many fans as possible. This is so you will be able to undertake the new missions.

Rising Star Buy Cards.png

One of the best places to buy cards is the external marketplace, NFTmart. You can find this if you go into the marketplace then up top it says NFTmart, click there and it will take you to the site.


On this site, you will be able to directly search for a specific card or better yet, search for cards in a certain price range. And this is what I recommend you do. After you have earned your first 1000 starbits, or more. Transfer them out of the game. Then come to this site. Swap the currency to starbits. Then enter 500 as your maximum. This will allow you to buy at least 2 cards.

Scroll down past the instruments, then you come to the "people" cards. These are the cards that have fans. Now look for cards that are as cheap as possible but have as many fans as possible. Ideally, you want a card that has 10 fans. That seems to be the max on these lower-level cards. The second stat you want to check for is the skill stats. But that is only relevant after level 20. So prioritize fans over everything else for now.

If you can find a cheap card with 10 fans, try increasing the max amount to 600 or 700. Then you should be able to see one card or more. Card prices fluctuate, so if there are no good cards then check back again in a few hours or a day. And hopefully, you will find some better cards then. If you can find other cards that are cheaper, then buying 3 cards with 5 fans each for 1000 starbits can be an option as well.

You will repeat this process of saving up and buying new cards until you have a total of at least 300 fans. that is the requirement to be able to run the highest paying mission, Saturday Headline.

Now I recommend that you buy a Pizza Box. This will allow you to store a slice of pizza when you get it. This means you can use it whenever you want. Eating a pizza slice gives you 100% energy. So timing when to eat it can greatly allow you to run more and more efficient missions.

Level 20

You will also hit level 20 right about this time. This opens up a new stats for you, Ego. If you let your Ego run out of control you will earn fewer starbits from missions. So make sure to keep it in check. The easiest way to do this is by running the Music Lessons missions. This will increase your skill, keeping the ego in check.

If you need to, you can also look for People cards with skill and buy those. They are usually cheaper than the fans cards.

But I would use that as a last resort. Because depending on how many fans you have and the amount of starbits you earn. I would really recommend saving up 10k and buying a card pack. I was able to do this before I hit 300 fans. And as you are guaranteed a rare card, I think, and those can have 125 fans on them. If you get a people card. I would use this as a way to see what you need to buy after getting your first pack. If you get s instrument or gear, then you have a good card for later use.

Also after opening your first pack. You can see if you get any instruments and gear. If you do, check to see if any of the music lessons scales with that type of card. Then you want to take advantage of that and buy more cards of that type. To allow you to get more skill points from each lesson. This I would say is the goal after getting to 300 fans.

Now you should be pretty set for the rest of the game. And hopefully, you have learned a few tricks and skills you can put to use when moving forward in the game. If I have missed anything or made any glaring errors, please tell me in the comment sections down below.

If you would like to join in on the fun, in this free-to-play game. Then I would really appreciate it if you would consider using my affiliate link:

See you on the interwebs!

Picture provided by:, Rising Star, NFTmart

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