Cyber picture with NFT letters, text saying new actors are moving into the NFT space

New actors are making moves in the NFT market space

Actors have started to make moves and look at how to implement NFTs. An example of this is Meta, formerly known as Facebook. They are working on implementing NFTs from Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Flow on Instagram. This would allow you to finally be able to show your collection of NFTs on Instagram with ease. And there apparently is no plans to implement any fees for this. But that may of course change over time.

Another company that are making moves in the NFT space is Sony. They have announced a partnership with Theta Labs. This is in order to launch 3d NFTs. These you will then be able to display on Sony's spatial reality display. There is still nothing to show what these will look like, yet. But just the possibility of a 3d NFT and a way to display it as well just seems to have almost endless possibilities. So moving forwards the NFT space seems to be very exiting indeed. Especially for us here on Loop. Where we most likely will be able to have access to al of them as soon as they become availed. After the trading platform has opened of course. =)

What is your thoughts on al of this. Are you exited for 3d NFTs? Share your thoughts down below in the comments.

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