Kaspa issues a call to action

Kaspa issues a call to action

The recent pruning on the Kaspa blockchain has caused some issues. And the devs have sent out a call to action to the Kaspa community asking them for help, are you able to help?

What is pruning?

If you are a big garden or tree fan you probably have heard about pruning. This type of pruning is similar, but it has a slightly different purpose. Pruning is the action of removing data that is old and no longer used. Think of it like deleting an app from your phone that you stopped using. It has been around in computers for a long time, especially with databases that need speed. And eventually, there is a space-saving element as well. But how has this caused an issue with Kaspa that led to a call to action?

The issue at Kaspa

The problem here stems from a big opsi with the rollout of the pruning. And that was the issue that the archival mode was giving the devs some issues. So they decided to disable it and roll out the pruning anyway. The archival mode simply lets anyone who runs a node the option to not take part in the pruning, or at least have the old intact ledger saved. I bet you are starting to figure out what the problem that showed up is by now. 

The problem was that the archival nodes got pruned as well. Meaning that there is no complete blockchain for Kaspa. Hence the call to action. And if you have run an old Kaspa node, or know someone who used to run one. Take a look and see if you still have it, or if they do. They are currently trying to piece together the whole blockchain again over at the Kaspa discord. So if you can assist please do so.

As Kaspa has an extremely fast block generation this means that when tax season comes around you might have a problem verifying all of your transactions.

If you want a more in-depth breakdown of the problem and the related issues I recommend you watch Son of a Tecks talking head video on the topic. And again if you have an old Kaspa node, please check and see if you are able to help restore the complete blockchain.

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