My entry to Upland or how I got lost in Fresno... (A beginner could learn from my mistakes and have a more successful start)

By Chrokj | Things I came across | 14 Feb 2021

I got in touch with Upland several times in the past months. Always wanted to sign-up, but I never did. In the mean time I signed up and tried games on WAX chain like Alien Worlds and Prospectors. The latter never really caught me so I went on and looked for a new game. Guess what crossed my way again: Yes, Upland.

I hope a beginner finds this article useful in helping him not to repeat my mistakes.

Here is the first mistake I made. I signed up using a referral link from a user I met on At least I did him some good, I hope. I for my part got a starting bonus of 4500 UPX, Upland‘s ingame currency. If you sign up using Publish0x‘s promotional link or a similiar link promoted by Brave Browser you get a 33% higher bonus, in total 6000 UPX.

But obviously that is something I found out later on and would have done otherwise.

So lesson #1: You can easily get 6000 UPX, ingame currency, for a sign-up so do not accept less.

My journey went on and packed with 4500 UPX I started a new life in Fresno. It was appraised as fit for beginners. So I thought this would be the right place for me.

I do not know what went wrong, but somehow I felt completely lost and did not know what to do next. It was said you can buy properties in Upland. So I bought a Fresno property for around 4400 UPX. In reality it is in a residential area. I honestly do not know if that has any influence in the game. What I understood is that it gives me a rather small stream of continual income.

So here I was, my starting bonus was gone and I only get pennies in return. Not speaking of time needed for amortization...

Lesson #2: Know what you‘re doing and have a strategy for what you want to achieve.

Perhaps it would have been wiser to go for several cheaper properties instead? Again I do not know and am lost again.

There are other ways to earn a few UPX, but those few will not get you anywhere near your next property.

These other ways include the daily login bonus which is the easiest to achieve.

Another way are treasure hunts. Each player gets one free treasure spawn per day. To be honest it took me three attempts/days to understand how that one works.

Lesson #3: Learn about the game mechanics. You will not get a deep introduction. But you will be much more successful if you can make good use of all your options.

After 10 days of playing I am still lost in a multitude of ways. But with this article I hope a freshman can avoid the mistakes mentioned above, I have made.

By the way you might ask if I think Upland is worth it? My answer is: It can be. But only with thorough preparation you can make a good start! In this case you know what you want and how to achieve it.

If you are looking for a deep introduction in a self-explaining game, you will probably not find it in Upland. For someone just looking for a game to enjoy in a rather short period of time, it is way not accessible enough to me. Mainstream adoption does not work this way.

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Things I came across
Things I came across

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