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How To Become A Professional Poker Player

10 Oct 2020 9 minute read comments

Poker Pro Basics As an actual former professional poker player of over five years consistently earning six-figure annual incomes from the game, I have genuine insight into what it takes to be successful and to make it out there in the wild and I hope...

LiteBringer: How Magic Cards Destroyed My Confidence and Almost Cost Me For the Last Time

1 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments Blangs

Combining a very deep understanding of RPGs with innovations in blockchain that have never been seen before, CipSoft presents: the future of gaming. My morning routine has changed dramatically since I started to play LiteBringer. The moment I wake up...

Hodl, Sell or Consolidate? | Analysis

27 Sep 2020 8 minute read comments Mynima

Introduction Back in June I embarked on a project that was aimed at answering a seemingly simple conundrum: How do I know if it is worth holding onto an investment? As someone who is not a technical analysis trader the above question led me to the...

Weekly Crypto News Roundup - 15 Stories You Should Know About (13th of September - 20th of September)

20 Sep 2020 6 minute read comments pheonixdown-dee

Every week, I will be collecting some news stories / opinion pieces that I have found to be interesting in the crypto world and condensing them down into one easily digestible article. All the article and images are taken from a news source that I li...

Cryptocurrency 101 for Users: Chapter 2 Entering The Space

19 Sep 2020 14 minute read comments 0fajarpurnama0

Enter With a Wallet You may have been regularly following the news and you may have been diligently following the price. A funny story from a student of Ivan on Tech Academy, that student learned how to program smart contracts and other cryptocurren...

WhatsAround App : Earn Ethereum (ETH) for taking and rating photos

19 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments BtcSapiens

Surprisingly, few people are currently using an app, which in my humble opinion is very promising, and perhaps one of the most interesting for people who are passionate on photography. Today it is time for WhatsAround, a social media platform which...