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Crypto Gambling Sites - Part 1: Lucky Fish

By Brando_28 | thin ice | 30 Dec 2020

In a couple of weeks time I am going to write about my experiences with three crypto gambling sites: Lucky Fish, Bet Fury and Stake

First one is...


Lucky Fish


Few days ago I started using a crypto gambling site named Lucky Fish. Have to say that after only a short time using it I am very impressed.  

Lucky Fish offers a large variety of casino games as well as sports betting. They also have poker table where you go up against other users. However, the one thing that separates this from the other sites I've played with, is how easy it is to get your hands on those precious coins...


Faucet and currencies


First of all, Lucky Fish has a very generous faucet with unlimited claims. On the picture below you can see all the claimable currencies. The amounts to claim differ of course but its for example 500 ETH sats. Once the balance goes to zero, you can claim again. 

Here are all the currencies which you can claim from the faucet

The stars represent players activity. The amount that can be claimed increases with another star earned, also a player might lose a star when a claim is made. Stars are earned pretty easily, just comment something in the chat window. This system is a bit annoying because people just spamming makes the chat scroll up so fast that it's some times hard to hit the rain button. It's visible on for a few seconds so you have to be quick!


Rain and more coins


And yes! another great thing is the rain. Pretty often another user, or a bot, uses the rain function to spread different coins to active(and fast) gamblers. From the rain it's possible to get more different coins in addition to those from the faucet. The amounts from the rain can be relatively good, for example, I got that 20 000 ETH sats from a single rain(see the pic below). 


The amounts you get from the faucet and especially from the rain are huge compared to a Bet Fury for instance. I know it's not a fair comparison 'cos Bet Fury runs with a different system and is based on their BFG token and staking it.




One of my favorite games on these gambling sites is Dice. If you can find good enough settings it can be left running for a very long time to increase wagering levels. On Lucky Fish I had Dice running for the whole day with DOGE just to try it out. To me it seems to be running much longer than other dice games, but then again, could just be beginners luck...

Dice is also great because it's not as nerve wrecking as Crash or Bit Cat for example. In Crash, a player needs to predict when the rocket explodes - it could go really high, or just blow up before the start. The higher it goes, the higher is your multiplier. Don't get greedy.

Another annoying but addictive game is Bit Cat. In this basic ladder game you need to choose from 4 options in order to move up towards bigger prizes. Finding a fish is good - finding shit means game over.




Lucky Fish also offers nice live graphs and stats to follow your progress and (maybe) to help you stop before entering the red zone. One of the coolest things on this site is the Multi-Game -mode. When switched on it put two games side by side and leaving enough room for the chat. This is quite nice because when following the live stats I can try to cover the losses of one game by changing the strategy on another. Live stats box can be moved around so you can watch the chat and try to grab the rain between bets.



More stuff


  • VIP program promises weekly, welcome and login bonuses. Also rakeback up to 20%
  • To get in the VIP program you need wager one BTC or other coins worth that
  • Affiliate program gets you commissions from 25% - 65%
  • Minimum withdrawal for an undeposited player is 2000 DOGE 
  • Also lots of slot games



Quite nice looking platform where everything seems to work as supposed. You might wonder why I didn't write anything about payments. That's because I haven't planned on transferring any assets there any time soon. Just trying to play smart with the rain and faucet earnings! 

Next time I'm gonna tell you a little bit about Bet Fury

Stay safe, stay on the green! ✔📗🔋🥦☘🌳💚🚙




My favorite crypto sites at the moment:



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