Theta 3Q23 Release Recap

Theta 3Q23 Release Recap

This year is flying by super fast, Theta has not rested in advancements as they advance their blockchain with enhancements. With 3-days left in Q323 I thought it prudent to release their updates so you can focus on quarter close activities.

Awarded US Patent 11,763,332 Edge Computing Platform supported by Smart Contract-enabled Blockchain Network

If my calculations are correct this is Theta's 11th US Patent; Woot! The new patent further reinforces Theta's strength. The patent enhances Theta blockchain itself with smart contracts and instant crypto payments. I say reinforce the core offering until it is bullet proof then build out. Theta might already being doing that as the next announcement trims a distraction from the Theta portfolio.

Theta closed down Theta.TV as you know it. Announcement came out Sept 5

I was a user of Theta.TV since Aug. '20 so I saw lots of evolutions and .TV overcome some very rough times. Keep in mind was always a Beta release, the key to Theta remains the Theta Blockchain. And I still believe they have lots of runway to ensure it remains the best Blockchain available globally! The last day to make TFUEL withdraws has come and gone so IF you failed to move it, gift it, etc, or its gone. Your gift back to the Theta treasury.   Wonder what Theta will make .TV into?  I have been monitoring the Theta, TFUEL token prices and they do not appear to have taken too large of a hit from this move. What we can't measure is the impact to Theta user community, of course many of the .TV Streamers must be feeling alienated but most seamed mature enough to shrug it off and move on to other streaming platforms. Did you move along with them or drop off?

Theta and Google presented their collaboration “Model Pipeline for Video-to-Text Applications” at Google Cloud Next conference.

Google is the 1000 pound Gorilla globally, so Theta has a huge anchor when it comes to tech innovation and reach.  Theta tested their collaboration for Video at Google's premier conference event. Recall 80% of the Internet traffic today is Video based think how Theta makes this delivery more efficient for all parties involved; decentralization. Have not fear Theta still have 150M Theta tokens remaining in their treasury to support more next level partners!

Theta VN de-staking to accelerate Theta ecosystem growth

We have actually talked about Theta de-staking (Decreasing the amount of Theta that Theta holds in their Treasury) typically this in only done to provide tokens for new large partners. Theta already has 28 Enterprise validators,  This release is to support Lavita AI and Toonstar (Space Junk) which already have active sidechains on Theta.

Simon Piazolo, founder and CEO of OpenTheta NFT marketplace, becomes Theta’s first Developer Advocate

As a member of .TV for years I had the ability to hear lots of feedback form the Top streamers and one huge frustration about Theta in general was the lack of commitment to plans. That applied to NFTs and other projects. Take for instance, Theta would bring lots of hype to a new NFT project and promise Phases. After the first phase nothing would have come to fruition. Take Pineapples for example, there was supposed to be a whole secret society with meetings and such but those quickly ended up as a nothing burger.   I really hope that OpenTheta CEO Simon can bring structure and direction to this floundering side of Theta. You are on the clock Simon! Results speak!



Theta had a lot going on from laying off staff for their .TV offering and revamping that platform offering into something new. I assume Google will play a bigger role in the .TV makeover.  Will you continue to believe in Theta? How have these changes impacted your view on the Theta Blockchain. Let's go Theta.

I am not an employee nor an agent of  Theta, Theta Network, although it sounds super exciting!

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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Theta Network basics in bite size pieces
Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

Theta a Next Generation Video delivery network that leverages the power of peer-peer network bandwidth sharing. You participate and help the network scale and increase security by sharing a % of your Internet bandwidth.

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