Recent changes at Theta Network

Recent changes at Theta Network

Theta is working feverishly behind the scenes laying the foundation for Mainnet 4.0 coming in 4Q22 (AKA Metachain.)  Some of those changes happened over the past week and they are:

Validator Unstaking - to support future growth by unlocking value today to drive growth tomorrow.

  • Theta unstaked small % of its treasury it unlocked 15M THETA out of the total 165M treasury staked. - Designed to unlock future core protocol development and global adoption. 
  • This release takes Theta's from 27% to 24% 
  • Additionally, Theta wants to ensure the Theta ecosystem becomes more decentralized and less reliant on Theta Labs over time.

Personnel changes:

Theta added two high profile people to its roster 

  • Dr Mark E Deschaine who is an Associate Professor at the University of Mississippi (AKA Ole Miss) joins the Theta Metachain Advisory Council
    • Dr. Deschaine has been a long-time supporter of Theta, organizing community groups such as the Theta Research Squad and advising projects like Symbiote Creatives and ThetaCon.
    • Dr Deschaine is also exploring how to utilize the Theta Video API in learn opportunity environments
  • RJ Williams joins the Theta Metachain Advisory Council
    • RJ is currently the CEO of Young Hollywood (currently available in 120 Million homes in over 160 countries. (Nearly all the countries across the globe)
    • RJ is focused on helping Theta build bridges to Hollywood offerings. Can you envision a tight coupling of NFT releases and new films?  How about films released straight to Theta? 


Summary  - Theta continues to bring new and stronger technology for all to benefit from. Adding more decentralization and key personnel to aid stronger future growth is imperative at this stage in the crypto lifecycle.  Web3 is transforming the Media and entertainment industry right before our eyes.

Disclaimer - I am not an employee nor an agent of Theta lab, although it sounds super exciting!

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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Theta Network basics in bite size pieces
Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

Theta a Next Generation Video delivery network that leverages the power of peer-peer network bandwidth sharing. You participate and help the network scale and increase security by sharing a % of your Internet bandwidth.

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