American Idol NFT's - coming next week on Theta TDROP

American Idol NFT's - coming next week on Theta TDROP

Hello Theta Fans, Its not secret that Theta is building TDROP into a Hollywood Powerhouse. Nor is it a secret that more American's vote for Idol contestants than in mid-term of Presidential elections! Sad but true!

UPDATE 04/22/22 - The Idol Drop sold out today! Did you get a pack?

What is TDROP?   Theta's NFT Marketplace, Theta.TV streams sell their NFT's, Secret Pineapple Society has NFTs here, Look for this marketplace to do amazing things in '22! 

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What is American Idol - (AKA 'idol')  Idol is America's premiere signing competition where you are judged by industry superstars such as Katy Perry (already a member of Theta & had 1 TDROP event, with another expected later this year), Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie!!!   The show has discovered and launched massive careers for  such talent as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Scottie McCeery. See resources for complete list of winners.  Idol can also be credited for other top talent shows like the Voice (where Kelly Clarkson is a judge). 

What are the Idol TDROP NFTS? TDROP is working with Idol to commemorate Idol's 20th season on TV they are releasing interactive NFT cards. This sounds like a huge way to bring Crypto exposure to a huge new customer base. I envision those already adept w/ Crypto to jump on the Band Wagon for the NFT rewards.


When - Friday April 22, 2022


How much for an NFT Pack?  $99, lucky enough to get a pack you will receive an unknown contestant. 

American Idol NFT Goals - acquire as many of these Idol NFT's as you can to reach the reward levels. 

Idol Reward Levels (AKA Challenges)

  • Week one, collectors with an NFT of only one of the remaining contestants will win an American Idol 20th Anniversary Animated Logo NFT.
  • Week two, collectors with NFTs of two remaining contestants will win 300 $TDROP, ($7 equivalent) which will be deposited into their ThetaDrop account.
  • Week three, collectors that have four contestant NFTs of contestants remaining in the competition will earn VIP Bronze benefits for their ThetaDrop account. (Duration of VIP Bronze level was not mentioned), would be cool if you remained at that level forever!
  • Week four, collectors must hold two of the top three contestants
  • Week five (Finals) hold the NFT for the Idol Winner - win a Real American Idol Golden Ticket & a mystery NFT


Summary - Theta has come out with an amazing April NFT line-up and the American Idol NFT's are coming next week. This could be a way to extend Theta and NFT's a huge new audience.  Amazing Idol NFT benefits that will be handed out during Idol competition and last far beyond when season 20 ends. The Idol NFT's should be a hit for Crypto fans and those new to Cryptos. How many are you going to purchase and hold?


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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

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