Theta TDROP Phase I is complete - how did you do?

Theta TDROP Phase I is complete - how did you do?

Tuesday Feb. 1st was a big day for Theta, TDROP Air drop started to take place at a block height of 13,949,050 

Turns out there were two places TDROPs showed up

  • The first place most found them were in their Theta Wallets (Web and then a day later the mobile version was updated so in mobile edition). Out of the gate the payouts for staked Theta tokens was 2:1 (roughly), 
  • Also TDROP payouts were Theta Drop site ( These payouts ONLY appeared IF you made purchases on TDROP site. be via TFUEL. Cash and account balance payments did not receive TDROP rewards. The TDROP rewards for NFTs varied from what I saw with my own eyes 16:1 - 3:1. I heard of people performing arbitrage go get more TDROP in a very short period of time on Feb. 1st.

Why go through all that effort?  The TDROP tier system (AKA VIP), the special group has three (3) tiers. (listed lowest to highest) and keep in mind that each higher tier accumulates more benefits

  • Bronze - must have a min of 100,000 TDROP
    • VIP airdrops of NFTs, TDROP, and other tokens
    • Lower withdrawal fees and priority/faster withdrawal times (coming soon)
    • VIP Badge differentiating your ThetaDrop profile from regular users
  • Silver - must have a min of 1,000,000 TDROP
    • Early access to all the newest NFT drops on ThetaDrop. If there is a waitlist for a drop, you will be placed ahead of all Bronze Tier users and users without TDROP
    • Plus all Bronze Tier benefits
  • Gold - must have a min of 10,000,000 TDROP
    • Exclusive access to certain drops — the only way to access the whitelisted presale of these drops will be via the TDROP Gold Tier.
    • NFTs that you list in the ThetaDrop secondary market will be featured in a carousel at the top of the market, and by default will be sorted to the top of marketplace lists
    • Plus all Bronze and Silver Tier benefits

Trade TFUEL for TDROP? Have some friends that are selling TFUEL for TDROP to get closer to the lowest reward tier.

TDROP allows Staking - perform right from the Theta wallet - no third party required; WooHoo!  Staking rewards are still a bit of mystery, I went ahead and staked 100% right away so I can lock in as much passive earning as I can. I assume the more that is staked the lower the payouts will be, have not seen an official stance, just using common sense.  Another form of Crypto passive income!

TDROP Governance Voting - Theta will create and release a Governance Portal where those who have staked TDROP will be granted Voting rights. The first voting matter will take place sometime in Q122 (so about 6-7 weeks left in quarter 1). I am looking forward to being able to vote on something (and have it locked into the Theta Blockchain) I am thinking larger and longer term impact for society!

Still confused about Theta TDROP? I wrote an article some time ago you can catch up here -


Summary Phase 1 of TDROP airdrop is complete, how did you do from the TDROP airdrop?  Did you land in one of the three (3) Tiers for top TDROP holders?  Or are you trading TFUEL for TDROP? Whose is ready for the excitement of Phase II?


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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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Theta Network basics in bite size pieces
Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

Theta a Next Generation Video delivery network that leverages the power of peer-peer network bandwidth sharing. You participate and help the network scale and increase security by sharing a % of your Internet bandwidth.

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