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Top 10 NFT Platforms in Europe



In Europe, NFT marketplace is booming, and there is a lot of money and millions of people watching to enter the expanding NFT market. This article reviews the best NFT platforms in Europe.

1. BitKeep


  • In a single location, BitKeep integrates Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp, and Discover as the best decentralized multi-chain digital wallet in Asia
  • With a user base of approximately 5 million users spread throughout 168 nations and areas, BitKeep established a strategic alliance with several of the top 30 mainnets, becoming their official wallet
  • With support for more than 220,000 tokens, 1,000,000 NFTs, 10,000 DApps, and 70+ mainnets, BitKeep is committed to building the biggest Web3.0 gateway on the planet
  • In order to offer a wide variety of services, including mainnet launch, DEX and DApp support, NFT management, all-platform traffic assistance, and large-scale campaigns, BitKeep closely collaborates with key mainnets


2. Blockparty

  • Blockpartys’ Web 3.0 toolkit enables companies and creators to produce verifiably distinctive, interconnected products that benefit and delight their fans both online and offline
  • Create and manage your NFT -backed Unique Items and Multiple Editions
  • Directly sell or auction your items, or raise awareness of your own limited-edition Drop
  • Receive payment in both USD and ETH
  • Flexible Minting on Blockparty, Ethereum, and/or Flow can lower minting costs and environmental effects


3. NiftyKit

  • NiftyKit provides brands and artists with a straightforward software solution for building smart contracts and NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Sell NFTs using your NiftyKit Storefront, Opensea, Rarible, or your personal website. Smart contracts can be made by anyone
  • No coding or blockchain expertise is required
  • Without programmers or coding expertise, you may personalize and own your ERC-721 Polygon or Ethereum Mainnet smart contract
  • Select a smart contract to mint your NFT to, connect your Metamask wallet to confirm, and we’ll take care of the rest when you click “Mint NFTs To Your Collections”



  • An Australian NFT marketplace called NFT STARS has amassed a distinctive collection of goods and services geared toward artists, fans of digital art, investors, startup founders, musicians, and NFT players.
  • Each creator included on the platform is either picked by the executive board or chosen by community vote, which is used in the marketplace’s tight selection process
  • Each artist on the site is given genuine special treatment and receives the team’s and the community’s full attention



  • A website called uses generative NFT collections to examine significant artists and movements in 20th-century art
  • The NFT collection from sticks out among the pricey and careless NFT drops
  • This promotes an NFT collector who is more discriminating


6. NFT-X

  • The platform NFT-X is where digital art is commercialized
  • It contains classic digital art like movies, images, songs and modern art like 3d animations and images of paintings, tweets, and reels etc


7. Patrn

  • Patrn is a platform for crowdfunding NFTs
  • Mint NFTs in several editions with your friends, artists, and collectors
  • Find trendsetters or artists to follow, like, and share creative content, and you gain NFTs
  • When the target is reached, a multi-edition NFT is produced and airdropped to every contributor
  • Your NFT is accessible to view and trade on OpenSea after the remainder is paid to the artist


8. VeVe

  • Limited edition VeVe digital collectibles are available for purchase, sale, and trade using the VeVe app
  • They can also be upgraded and modified, displayed in virtual showrooms and shared on social media
  • With VeVe, collectors may continue to proudly showcase their collectibles in the digital sphere
  • To display your digital valuables and to interact with other VeVe collectors worldwide, create and personalize online showrooms.
  • Move through your virtual showrooms on your phone like an FPS game, or use augmented reality to make your showrooms come to life so you can actually walk through them


9. BakerySwap

  • The first AMM+NFT exchange on Binance Smart Chain is called BakerySwap
  • Launch your product using BakerySwap, an automated market maker (AMM) model-based decentralized trading platform
  • Numerous facts point to BakerySwap’s swift expansion inside the DEFI ecosystem
  • In collaboration with Ankr Staking, BakerySwap is launching new farming pools, such as aETH-BETH and aETH-ETH, using the synthetic derivative asset known as aETH
  • Holders of aETH will be able to gain from acting as liquidity providers thanks to BakerySwap


10. AtomicHub

  • On the eosio blockchain technology, AtomicAssets is a standard for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Anyone can create and tokenize digital assets using the AtomicAsset standard, as well as buy, sell, and auction them using the AtomicMarket marketplace
  • Assets are intended to be grouped together in collections, which also manage their rights
  • They also have a unified schema-compliant data field where you can later add elements like a description or a website URL
  • This information then enables applications and websites operated by third parties to show more pertinent information about your collection






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