Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

Top 10 CC0 NFT projects

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

A CC0 (creative commons — no rights reserves) NFT is a form of copyright that enables the creator to allow their NFTs to be owned by others. That means anyone can use the NFT for commercial purposes in numerous ways without the need to give attribution to the original artist, team, or creator. Here are 10 CC0 NFT projects to know.


1. Nouns


  • One of the first CC0 NFT initiatives, Nouns have been selling one Noun each day since August 2021
  • A small group of seasoned developers, long-time NFT collectors, and “mini-celebrities” in the field launched the project and began an NFT community-wide CC0 experiment
  • With more than 21.5K Ether (or around $69 million) in its treasury, Nouns is currently one of the most prosperous CC0 initiatives
  • The Nouns community established Nouns DAO as a venue to socialize and generate ideas for how to spend their funds
  • Nouns DAO has named a new frog species, sent a Noun to space, and even appeared on Bud Light during the Super Bowl


2. Mfers


  • Mfers is a project started by Twitter user sartoshi
  • It has a long history in web2/web3 meme culture
  • It essentially combines the “are you winning son?” meme with defining characteristics of NFT from CryptoPunks and other initiatives
  • The project, which is currently at a floor of roughly 2.9 ETH, has been expanding organically since its start in December 2021


3. Chain Runners


  • Since Chain Runners is entirely on-chain, the artwork is permanently preserved on the Ethereum network
  • Chain Runners gained popularity after people realized how skillfully the art was produced
  • Around 0.9 ETH is their floor price at the moment
  • Get a chain runner if you want some pixel art that cannot be changed at all


4. CryptoDickButts


  • An NFT project called CryptoDickButts, which includes questionable aesthetics
  • They had a 5200 NFT strong Series 3 collection that was only 0.052 ether for each piece
  • The floor price for CDB Series 3 NFTs is now around 1 ETH, whilst Series 1 and 2 (The OGs) are selling for a minimum of 6.5 Ether
  • A Series 3 CDB was also given to OG minters in appreciation for their early support of the initiative


5. Blitmaps


  • Blitmaps began as pixel art but quickly broadened its goals in order to create a project focused on collective storytelling
  • Imagine your favorite story being controlled by NFTs, with the community making all the decisions, that is what the project Blitmaps seeks to do
  • After introducing Blitanauts to serve as heroes in their sci-fi ecosystem, a villains drop is soon to follow, and there are still many other things on their roadmap
  • Anyone can tell stories in the Blitmaps universe because it is CC0, making it the ideal place to launch a new narrative-driven media property


6. CrypToadz


  • Another CC0 NFT that gained recognition in the larger digital art community is CrypToadz
  • The initiative, which released its CC0 collection not long after Nouns, has thus far enjoyed tremendous success
  • The art style of CrypToadz is reported to have been developed solely via trial and error


7. Loot


  • Loot Project doesn’t seem like much right now at a floor of 1.6 ETH
  • A little collection of accessories, tools, and weapons that resemble an inventory from a video game
  • For their constructions, builders can employ guardrails from Loot
  • Some play-to-earn games have built on these NFTs to enable others to use their loot in their games because they are CC0 and entirely permissionless
  • Loot was the first to pioneer this idea, despite the fact that there have been other imitation initiatives


8. Tubby Cats


  • On the Ethereum blockchain, there is a sizable collection of 20K Tubbies called Tubby Cats, all of which are covered by the creative commons license
  • An enormous variety of superbly designed Tubby Cats are produced using hand-drawn traits that are then randomly merged and formed by artificial intelligence


9. Larva Lads


  • An on-chain CC0 NFT project called Larva Lads is a spin-off of the renowned CryptoPunks collection
  • Larva Lads, a project that was intentionally minted to sound like the company that founded CryptoPunks (Larva Labs), was created in a more unusual way than previous projects
  • The Larva Lads NFT was offered as a free mint through an Etherscan contract, which meant that the only cost to users was gas
  • The 5,000 NFT collection’s current floor price is 0.1 Ether, which is not bad for a free mint


10. XCopy


  • Little is known about the artist who created the phenomenally well-liked NFT collection, XCopy
  • One of the most well-known collections among NFT collectors is XCopy’s dystopian and death-themed series, who was one of the first NFT artists in the blockchain art sector
  • XCopy has created numerous NFT collections, all of which are performing incredibly well
  • The company started out on NFT marketplace SuperRare and shortly after that Nifty Gateway
  • His entire body of work is thought to be worth a staggering 17,000 Ether, or $53 million






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