Review of the Gekkoscience 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub

Review of the Gekkoscience 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub

By AverageVancouverite | TheMiningBlog | 15 Feb 2020

The Gekkoscience 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub



  • 7 X USB 2.0 ports (Can run 7 miners at once) + 1 X USB (Power Only)
  • Power supply NOT included (Need a 12V 10A Power Supply Unit)
  • USBs supported: Gekkoscience 2Pac, Gekkoscience NEWPAC, TTBit Stick Miner, FutureBit Moonlander 2, etc. 
  • Dimensions: 135mm Long X 88mm Wide X 25mm High
  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate: Under 500 mbps


The Review

From the makers of the 2Pac and NEWPAC USB stick miners, the Gekkoscience USB 2.0 hub is built to run up to 7 overclocked USB miners. The 8th USB port cannot be used for mining, and instead is power only. The device can currently be easily found on many online retailers including Amazon, eBay, Eyeboot, 419 Mining, and many others for about $50.00 US, but does not come with a Power Support Unit; you'll need a 12V 10A PSU to make it run at full power. In addition, the hub also features a 12V 2 Pin fan socket that can be used to add cooling accessories. 

The hub works with Windows, Linux (and Raspbian), and MacOS.

For those interested in mining, I personally would not recommend this device, even though the quality is pretty decent and the device does exactly what it is described to do. Even with 7 very powerful USB miners, you'll likely make very little profit, as USB miners these days honestly cannot compete with something more modern like the Bitmain Antminer S17 series line. For example, let's say you buy 7 Moonlander 2 devices at $40.00 US each, and a Gekkoscience USB hub at $50.00. The final cost will be $330.00 US in the case you do not need to pay taxes, import fees, shipping, etc. If each overclocked Moonlander 2 mines at 5 MH/s, you'll earn about $40.00 US after a whole year of mining in the case that difficulty does not change, you do not pay for electricity fees, and you do not pay for pool fees. As an investment, this is simply not that smart of a choice. 

Personal Experience

I personally do not own one of these hubs, but I was able to borrow it from the same friend that lent me the Electroneum M1 phone (If you've read my previous review!). I operated the device for about three-ish days with just a few FutureBit Moonlander 2 and TTBit L1 USB Miners running the SCRYPT algorithm. I plugged the device into a USB port on my Windows computer, and found the hub pretty easy to set up and use. Even though the USB miners had their own fans, in the 8th powered USB port, I decided to plug in a small USB fan just to test it out, but because of how far apart the USBs are, I had to use the 2 Pin fan socket and hook up an actual fan. I personally think that if I were to use several miners without built in fans, a single USB fan will probably not be enough to sufficiently circulate the air. 

The device doesn't really get too hot during operation, and feeds a steady stream of power to miners. The miners had the same hashrate, stability, and number of good shares as any other USB hub. The Gekkoscience hub looks aesthetically pleasing, and not cheap or low quality. In terms of price, I've definitely seen equally effective USB hubs sold for less.


I am not in any way affiliated with Bitmain, Eyeboot, Gekkoscience, or any other crypto/crypto-related company. I personally used a friend's device for under 72 hours, and used SCRYPT USB miners. This review is based off my personal experience, and experiences may differ between people.

Remember, investments in cryptocurrencies are like any other investment: Invest only what you can afford to lose. No investment is a guarantee.


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