Review of the FutureBit Apollo Pod Miner
Review of the FutureBit Apollo Pod Miner

By AverageVancouverite | TheMiningBlog | 23 Jan 2020

The FutureBit Apollo Pod Miner



  • Algorithm: SCRYPT (Coins Mined: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Verge, etc.)
  • Hashrate: Up to 135 MH/s
  • Chip: 27 SCRYPT ASIC Chipc
  • Power use: Under 200 Watts (Closer o 150 Watts)
  • Controller: Quad-Core A7 ARM

The Review:

The FutureBit Apollo SCRYPT ASIC miner is among the most efficient miners, using a maximum of between 150 and 200 Watts to mine at up to 135 MH/s. It's also one of the first miners to be fully controlled through Wi-Fi, although it does still have an ethernet port. The miner features 27 chips powered in a 3 by 9 parallel arrangement, and has an "ECO" mode which mines at about 1 Watt per MH/s, a "BALANCED" mode, and a "TURBO" mode which mines at about 1.4 Watts per MH/s. ECO Mode is relatively quiet, and this device is extremely easily to set up and use.

However, keep in mind that the device requires either a 250 Watt 12 volt power supply with two 6 pin PCIE connectors or a FutureBit 200 Watt power supply unit. It also requires a MicroSD card for the controller. 


The miner itself looks quite sleek, but is not very profitable. At 135 MH/s, the Apollo can mine over $110.00 US dollars worth of Litecoin a year provided that difficulty does not change, you do not pay any mining fees, and you do not need to pay for electricity. However, this miner (Batch 2) costs $324.99 US dollars per unit directly from FutureBit. Keep in mind that you also need to pay for chipping, and if you want to purchase the full package (Miner, Power Supply Unit, and ready-to-use MicroSD card), the unit will set you back $389.99 US + Shipping!

Of course, this isn't the cheapest entry-level unit, and likely is not for anyone who wants to make a profit from cryptocurrency mining. My personal unit was a Batch 1 unit purchased without a PSU or MicroSD card at $319.99. It was able to mine at up to 140 MH/s on TURBO mode, though some people on online forums such as Reddit and Bitcointalk say that their units can be clocked even higher. The device mined very efficiently and showed a very stable hashrate. It submitted very few invalid or stale hashes. The device was still functioning very well a few months ago, when I sold it to someone else. 



I am not in any way affiliated with FutureBit or any other crypto/crypto-related company. 

Remember, investments in cryptocurrencies are like any other investment: Invest only what you can afford to lose. No investment is a guarantee. 


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