Edition #2 : Rebublic.co is Giving Away 'Notes' & I Want 1000

Edition #2 : Rebublic.co is Giving Away 'Notes' & I Want 1000

By TheLowDown | TheLowDown | 28 Dec 2019

You can find my original post here : https://www.publish0x.com/thelowdown/republic-giving-away-notes-free-equity-2-companies-xvjxxe

So, my journey with Republic.co continues. As a believer in crowdfunding campaigns, republic interested me from the start. As I was met with this upon visiting the republic homepage :


For me, the purpose of funding for startups is the people who are 'starting-up'. As a small business owner, and entrepreneur, I find keeping company and like-minds to be not only beneficial, but necessary in some cases. 

With republic offering a rewards program via the 'Note', I was quickly interested in utilizing both my skills and resources in order to acquire status upgrade.

Today, my efforts showed fruition, and I received and email from Republic approving a 50 note bounty that I submitted a week ago. This email was not only satisfying as I was approved, but the support member/team-member at Republic sent a personal message that was great to see (honestly an ego boost in my writing ability department).

This is (part) of the email that I'm referring to. I really appreciated the note that they send me regarding my efforts :


The benefits that I received for this bounty being honored by the Republic team are as follows : 



I furthermore plan to achieve the Black level, where I'll be rewarded with the following perks :



In order to reach the level that I'd like, I need the help of willing readers/users! Join Republic and I'll earn 10 Notes, while you'll also be rewarded with an EXTRA NOTE just for joining through me!


Join through my referral link here if you'd like : republic.co/note/i/md5hji





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