May 21, 2020 Best Performing Cryptos
Radar Fund Share Price Performance

May 21, 2020 Best Performing Cryptos

The Radar Fund

The Radar Fund is an actively managed portfolio of crypto-assets. Presently there are 93 company tokens within the Fund plus three crypto currency assets in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin. The investments in crypto-assets began in 2014, and in 2019 the Radar Fund was formed to hold these Crypto-assets. On a daily basis decisions are made to increase or decrease individual holdings, and to add new holdings when business initiatives are found to have promise for future success.

May 21, 2020 Radar Fund Share Price since inception

This morning, May 21, 2020, reveals some very interesting activity. Volumes on many of the 93 tokens are accelerating to the upside. Their prices by and large are performing better than BTC and ETH.

The best performer over the past seven days is Travala (AVA) 172.74% better and for today the best performers is Enjin (ENJ) 29.79% better.

Overall the Radar Fund 93 tokens over the past seven days are 62% better than BTC and ETH, while for the day 86% of the 93 tokens are performing better than BTC and ETH.


May 21, 2020 The Best performing Crypto-Assets over the past 7 days within the Radar Fund are:

The company platforms with the most significant change in trading volumes are below. Compare the named companies showing this increase in volume to the above Best Performers.

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Thomas J Connolly
Thomas J Connolly

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This Blog reflects research on Crypto Assets, Stocks, and U.S. Economic activity. It covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin, along with 93 token assets representing the business activities of companies within the Blockchain community. Education for those new to Cryptocurrencies, new to investing, new to Bitcoin, and new to the concepts and purpose of Blockchains, are the goals of this Blog. I hope you enjoy your experience here.

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