, A Little Buggy But Definitely Has Potential., A Little Buggy But Definitely Has Potential.

I discovered Noise.Cash this evening and played around for a bit with. It's pretty reminiscent of both Instagram and Twitter. But, the neat thing is you can tip and split tips much like here on publish0x.

I can't say that you get wealthy from it, but I did make $.18 just by sharing some pictures of my dogs and some meals I've cooked.

You're fed a few pennies worth of BCH every so often and then you scroll through the feed and tip on interesting posts.


If you want to check it out, follow the link to my feed below:

My Noise.Cash Profile

It's a little buggy, but it serves a purpose and hopefully the drive will continue.

Thanks for reading!

JohntheWayne ( A Crypto Noob)
JohntheWayne ( A Crypto Noob)

I'm an old Millennial chasing down all of the Crypto knowledge that I can gather.


Join me if you're interested in learning about a Noobs adventures in the fascinating world of Cryptocurrency. I bought my first Crypto on Valentine's Day '21 as a gift to myself. And, now I've fallen into the rabbit hole. Join me on this crazy adventure. You may cringe, you may laugh, you may relate... And, hopefully some of you will maybe learn something from my mistakes.

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