Happy Birthday Bitcoin

Happy Birthday Bitcoin

By Harshvardhan | theCryptoHub | 3 Jan 2021

It's been 11 years since the Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block of the Bitcoin on this day back in 2009. And here we stand with the all-time-high price of the BTC. Standing taller than huge companies of the world like Apple, Visa, Amazon in terms of marketcap.

I have something special!


I was reading about history of Bitcoin on http://historyofbitcoin.org/ and I realized BTC's b'day is coming soon... So I went to Unstoppable Domains and started searching for something RARE, UNIQUE and VALUABLE. And I got it.


This is the hash of the genesis block of the Bitcoin. And I got .crypto domain after it.


Check it out: https://app.rarible.com/token/0xd1e5b0ff1287aa9f9a268759062e4ab08b9dacbe:25357462294165663144346582548855997670200467387621647827211090884928122542806:0xcc993aba2fdd89db99c993878ecd4d756fd0900f 

Place your bids if you wanna buy it ;)

If you wanna buy yourself unique .crypto domain, feel free to use Unstoppable Domains with my referral link. In that way, we both will get $10 store credit. 




Hey there, I'm Harshvardhan. I am a crypto and blockchain enthusiast and I believe that Blockchain is the future and cryptocurrencies are solution to current financial system. I'm a student by profession, sports analyst, trading crypto daily.


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