Algorand Standard Assets: How to Create?

By Harshvardhan | theCryptoHub | 30 Oct 2020

Algorand Standard Asset(ASA) Creation:


In short definition, ASA are the exact same assets as ALGO. They function if not same but very close to ALGO. They are on-chain assets. You can say that ASA are NFTs of Algorand Protocol. Anyone can create, send, receive, trade ASAs as per their need. To access newly created ASAs, you will need Algorand wallet, which easily identifies ASAs and allows you to spend them.

Here is the simple video before I share screenshots of how to create ASA:


Step 1: Go to AlgoDesk website:

Click on "Asset Management"


Step 2: Sign in to MainNet by Mnemonic words or Log In with AlgoSigner extension.



Step 3: If logging in with AlgoSigner, enter the password.


Step 4: Grant Access to AlgoSigner to enter the ASA Management/Creation page.


Step 5: This will be main page when you will successfully log in. Your wallet address will be on top, balance of ALGO in right side. You can choose between Mainnet, Testnet and Betanet to create ASA on.

Then click on "Create Asset"


Step 6: You will be promt to fill out the necessary information about your asset you want to create.

I have created the ASA named TheCryptoHub (TCH) with the total supply of 21M and upto 6 decimals. You can leave out the Asset Url and Metadata Hash for now as we are creating a test ASA. We will continue with default addresses.


Step 7: Sign to finalize the creation of the asset.



Congratulations!!! You have successfully created your first ASA on Algorand Protocol. Now you can do anything you want with this ASA. Just like it is ALGO. Don't forget to store them in Algorand Wallet.


For more details related to ASA, go to:



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