Things and link Sources you should know about RLC (Partnerships and mentions!)

Things and link Sources you should know about RLC (Partnerships and mentions!)

By TheCryptoHack | TheCryptoHack1 | 28 Nov 2020

Whats up guys,

We all hate finding Infos about favourite Tokens right? So here we go, sharing some interesting Links about Iexec RLC, one of the Cloudcomputing Tokens alongside Golem & Ocean. Some interesting Partnerships and mentions have been made for RLC in the past! Enjoy your summed up sources of mentionings and Links, my favourite is that they are involved in the EU "ontochain" Project!





European Commission 


Also take a look at the 7 PhD team 

And the CEO 

Youtube:  <--- Look at their showcases or demo videos
Adoption roadmap:

Let me know if you hold RLC; plan to or looking for other Cloud Computing projects!

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