How to buy meme coins?

By Khalid Bokahtem | thecryptoguy | 20 Nov 2021

The´re many options to buy meme coins and the easiest way to do that, is over pancake swap. You can either do it over their official website or over coinnmarketcap. If you want to do it over coinmarketcap, it requires you to be on their desktop version. In that way many major coins can be bought.

It always depends on which type of blockchain the coin is made. For example if a coin is made on the solana blockchain, I would recommend you to buy that type of coins on solape swap, because some people had problems re-selling the coin on pancake swap.

Some meme coins can also bought on big websites like coinbase, but thats only a small amount of those coins.

You can also buy them on pan cake swap, but some reported a bug, which didn´t allowed them to re-sell them again. How to fix this bug, I´ll explain in further blogs


So that´s how you buy a meme coin and in the next blog I´ll explain it with step by step picture guide.

Warning: This blog is only for educational purpose and every action taken from you is on you own risk.



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