Yeah into the profit on! This weekend they do have a mining promotion!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 30 Jul 2020


Well it were on exciting 2 days to turn my red figures into green! But I managed to do it. I am not in the green both in Bitcoin and in Tron. Leaving me behind with still some Tron, ETH and USDT in my wallet and just above 618 of their native tokens! With a current mining rate of 945 TRX per GBT, this is more than it looks. Don't compare these numbers with for instance Wink!

Don't underestimate the hourly race!

The profit got a nice push in the back of the hourly race. Even for small stakes better is is pretty easy to get into the top 10, which will give you some free TRX, BTC, ETH and USDT. In total I did earn 965 TRX, 0.00038756 BTC, 0.02055466 ETH and a whopping 4.194669 USDT. This of course all adds up!

From their whitepaper:

The hourly race is funded through two means. The first comes from the
GooseBet platform itself, with 5% of the casinoโ€™s profits going to the top 10
players based on the volume in that hour period. The second funding is from
the players, as a small amount of every bet goes into the hourly race. Together
GooseBet is able to ensure the hourly race remains competitive and worthwhile
for all players, big and small.

Still there is some decent amount of money in the pool. There are moment in the day that a wagered amount under $100 will give you some free money!

The dividends!

They still have a rather strange dividend structure. Just like most other gambling dapps they do have a dividend pool, which is filled with each bet. They did start with paying out 15% of the dividend pool, but this is decreasing day by day. Each 0.1% less will be paid out to the GBT holders. After around 2 months, the bottom will have been reached and from then on each day 3% of the pool will be shared with their token holders.

The mining rate at the moment is 945 TRX per GBT, but this weekend they do have a mining promotion. They do give a discount of 50%. So the mining rate with the house game will be only 475 TRX, while for the slots it will decrease from 475 to only 237.5 TRX.

So how did the divs help me with reaching my green figures. To be honest not a lot! I did earn 140 TRX, 0.00007516 BTC, 0.0024 ETH and 0.64 USDT. So a lot less they I did win with the hourly race!

People still haven't claimed their free 1000 TRX!

It looks like a lot of referrals haven't claimed their free 1000 TRX! Just login to the website to claim then. If I am not mistaken their is no wager requirements and you can just withdraw them.

If you want to try out goosebet, they I can advise you to do it this weekend during the mining rate promotion and celebrate their first month in action.

Feel free to use my referral link:

Next up is getting into green figures at





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