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Trying out rollercoin and mining some free BTC!

I am still running cryptotab browser until I do reach the withdrawal amount, but in the mean time I am also trying out other BTC faucets/miners.

The Cryptotab browser is now running for a little bit more than 10 days. Not non-stop, but only when I do have my personal laptop open. At the moment it has mined 405 Sats for me, with the current value of BTC this is around$0.14. As you can see this won't change my life. But probably none of these websites will.


I did discover rollercoin a few days ago, and yesterday I decided to give it a try. There are some pro's and cons compared with the Cryptotab browser.

The idea behind rollercoin is simple. Each 5 minutes and 1 seconde a block is mined, at the moment a block is worth 9000 Sats. By playing games you can earn some Network Power and the more network power you do have, the bigger your cut of the block is. Each block does contain BTC, ETH and Doge.

Yesterday I did invest some time into playing some of their games. The games never last longer than 60 seconds and depending on the level you will earn some mining power.


It is better to pick 3 or 4 games, which you do like and keep on playing them. The higher the level of a game is the more power you will earn. But each day the level of the games do decrease again, so that you do keep coming back to play some more. I do go for Coin-Flip (memory), coinclick, coin-Match and token surfer!

In the beginning the power you do win with playing these games is yours for 24 hours. After playing a certain amount of games, this is increased up to 7 days. This doesn't mean that you don't have to come back daily because if you don't play any game during a day, your more powerful computer is pulled back and you will only keep your power for 24 hours.

Of course you do have the possibility to buy some mining equipment, but that is not my plan, nor would I advise it to someone.

Mining Power!

The mining power you have earned can be allocated to mining BTC, ETH and/or Doge.


In my case most of my mining power goes to BTC and some to Doge. This can be changed each 12 hours. At the moment I do earn 0.24 Sats and 0.0014 Doge per block. So each 5 minutes. So the moment I do earn around 2 sats per hour, which would be 48 sats per day, which is way more than what I do earn with CryptoTab Browser. But I do have to put some effort into it, while the cyrptotab browser is just running and doesn't need my intervention.

I do like the gamification of the mining part.  It adds something extra.

The minimal withdrawal is maybe a little high and I doubt if I can reach this is a acceptable timeframe:


With the current pace this would require around 250 days. The withdrawal limit for Doge has been set on 360 doge. I do think that it will be much easier to reach this, I will try to play with the power distribution a little bit, to see what is the most rewarding.

If you do want to try it our yourself feel free to use my referral link:

Compared to Betfury!

I do keep on comparing it what it takes on Betfury to mine some BTC. On Betfury I can earn 5 Sats per 20 minutes and I only need to solve a Captcha. Let's say 10 times per day, makes me 50 Sats. Still easier than what I do have to do for Rollercoin!




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