The One ETH per day challenge to recover some (steem) losses!
The One ETH per day challenge to recover some (steem) losses!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 17 Mar 2020

Well I can't really say that I am a winning crypto gambler. When I did discover crypto it was flying to the moon, but when I did onboard the crypto train it was feeling again the unleashed powers of gravity!

During these days I also discover steem. A blogging platform based on a blockchain with it's own currency (in contrast to here). Steem was to be honest a real money pit for me!

It did cost me money in three areas:

  • Converting fiat money into Steem Power. The more steem power one has the bigger upvotes this user can give. Of course the course of steem is a little bit lower than when I did purchase most of my SP. Lets say that a little bit can be taken with a sniff of salt, and that the real story is that just like all other crypto currencies, it is going through winter!
  • Steemmonsters: Also lot's of money was invested into this card game. Untill now, I still don't regret investing money into buying new cards, powering up cards and so on. Yes, there is still a negative ROI and one which is hard to overcome. It are interesting times for steemmonsters with a hardfork coming closer each day on Steem. They will probably have to make a choice. Regardless of this choise this all means that world domination (which is more or less needed to turn it into a green ROI) will be postponed a little bit.
  • The steem gambling dapps! Well maybe the biggest money pitt. But nobody forced me to play those. I am almost 100% sure that these games are 100% fair. Only variance did kill me for time to time. The max bet was just too low for my playing style. I didn't know this back then, but I do know this now!

So, with a steem harf fork approaching fast, there will be steem and hive after the hard fork. Probably I will have a stake at both blockchain. But still I do think it is time to accept my losses.

I have been working hard to recover all my BTC invested into steem. Phew! But I still have a relativly big loss in Etheruem. Spread over all 3 the money pitts writing above, I am down 23.46 Ethereum. 



Ironically Tron comes to the rescue. Or so it looks! When Sun took over the (not the blockchain), I did start some investigation into Tron. And it appears that TRON is a gamblers paradise. So I did pick one of the gambling dapps and didn't regret this.

After one month of playing I am up: 0,01313517 BTC and 1.65 ETH. I do know my winning games on Wink now and the ones which does case my headaches. The live section is something I do need to avoid, while the Dice game is my cash cow! 

I have saved some TRX so that I do have a war chest of 50K TRX to start my challenge. The challenge for the next week is to earn 1 ETH per day! That is around 12.5K TRX per day that I do need to win! With 14 more days to go in this month, I do hope to at least have earned 10 ETH.

Not only I do want to earn 10 ETH in the next 14 days, but also I do want to fund a war chest to turn the live section of Wink also into a winning section. I do have some plans how to achieve this, when the war chest is filled enough. Filled enough = at least 30K TRX.

This is the current ETH graph!


Wish me luck!



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