My Hive portfolio: benchmark!

Hive is more than just Hive. Hive is more than just a community. Hive is a lot of things. From blogging platform to gaming platform.
But Hive also does have it's own economy with lots of Hive derived tokens. No idea how much tokens there are but there are a lot. Because I do write a monthly crypto portfolio, I also should do this for my Hive portfolio. And to be honest it has more value then I did imagine.

The benchmark

While I will track all Hive derived tokens I am holding, besides a few. I will only keep the token in my benchmark, when the value of the token does get above 1 Hive in Value.

The benchmark taken this morning tells me that my Hive-Engine portfolio is worth 1027 Hive or €369.72. That is a very nice start.


There are a lot of tokens of which I have no clue what to do with it, or how I do get them. So I am just pilling them up.

The most valuable token is still Leo, which has a 37% share in my portfolio, but POB is closing the gap pretty fast. Gamer, the token of Kryptogamers does stand on the second place. Due to the fact that I am not gambling there anymore, a low chance that this will increase again. But still it does give me weekly a nice dividend. It is also great to see how there are expanding their offerings and is according to me the number 1 gambling dapp on Hive.


I did think about also adding Splinterlands to the list. But I decided not to do so. There are plenty of ways to find out the value of your card deck, but I am not sure that if I would it sell the cards, this would be the value. So I am tracking this apart for the Hive portfolio.
I could however place some DEC in my Hive-Engine wallet, which I maybe should do. At the end of each season I am selling most of my earned DEC. But with the announcement of the upcoming government token, I should start saving some DEC. So still not sure, if and how I will incorporate Splinterlands into my Hive Portfolio.
According to the bot of their discord channel, the value of my deck is: $4818.08

Overall value

So, if I do add the cards and the staked Hive to the overall value, this would give me a total value of €3692. Peanuts for some, impressive for me.


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