Goosebet: a new TRON Gambling Dapp/Casino! Pre-register to have a shot at the 1000 TRX welcome bonus!

Goosebet: a new TRON Gambling Dapp/Casino! Pre-register to have a shot at the 1000 TRX welcome bonus!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 11 Jun 2020



In a little more than 19 days Goosebet, a new Tron Gambling Dapp/Casino will open its doors. You can already pre-register to have a shot at a 1000 TRX welcome bonus.

For me this is a change to start mining in a very early stage, hoping that it will be a success! A few days ago, they did release their white paper.

What makes Goosebet interesting is that they plan to open with the support of 4 cryptocurrency. Not only TRX will be supported but also Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.


The native token of Goosebet will be GBT, which probably stands for GooseBetToken.
There will be at max 200.000.000 GBT in circulation and the mining rate will start at 800 TRX for 1 GBT. This does sound a lot, but in contrast to Wink, the supply is only a fifth! Each day the mining rate will increase with 5 TRX, so you really should try to mine at the first week.


At the start GBT will not be withdrawable but on the positive side, it is enough to have to GBT in your wallet. So no Freezing requirements are in place.

What does surprise me a little bit is stand for each mined GBT, the team will get 0.4 GBT, 0.2 is mined for marketing, 0.3 is mined for player bonuses and finally 0.1 G GBT is mined for the Hourly race.
Looks like they did choose an hourly race in stead of a daily leaderboard. The pot of the hourly race is mined in the hour before.


The dividend pool is filled with each bet, but it won't be distributed completely. On the first day 15% of the dividend pool is distributed among the GBT holders, the next day this will decrease this payout will decrease with 0.2%, so only 14.8% will be shared.

This way they intend to keep the dividend pool filled as long as possible of course. The payout flattens at 3%. This point will be reached after 61 days.

Quacking Giveaway!

The only thing you need to do to have a chance on 1000 TRX is to preregister at They will randomly select 1000 users, each who will be given 1000TRX.


If you are planning to sign up, feel free to use my referral link. It wont cost you anything.





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