Monthly betting and dividend report! Monthly betting and dividend report!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 31 Jul 2020

This is the third month that I am playing and mining on So it is time for a decent report about this gambling dapp!

The gambling experience!

To be honest had a slow start. They did start with only one in-house game (dice) and the slots of Platipus! For me this wasn't a problem because I do like Webby Heroes as a slot game and mainly play dice. So, there was enough for me to create an account and start playing.
But of course most people do think otherwise and luckily Crypcade is working hard to expand there game offerings.

First of all they did offer a lot of new slot games. This time Booongo is the gaming partner for these new slots. Of course with new slots a new promotion came around. A tournament structure has been set up, running from the first of July until the end of summer (24th of August). The combined prize pool is a whopping 280000 TRX. Each week a new tournament start with dedicated slots. There are per 5 days 2 leaderboards. One for the players with the best HSRM and one for the top players with the highest HSRP.

But it didn't stop there! They also delivered their in-house ring game. Which could attract some new players, which are very welcome.


As you can see, it is nicely integrated in the color scheme they use. Lot's of Neon lights.
The minimum bet is 5 TRX for all options, the max bet varies from 3000 TRX down to 120 TRX to the Gold choose! Like written before I am not a ring player, but I do hope that this will attract new players. At least it offers the regular Cadders, a new game to play.

But what is a gambling dapp without table games? Well nothing to be honest. And they do understand this also. 

So after all, it has been a great month for They are offerings more and more games and I do hope that they will continue to do this within the next month. Let's hope that they will be able to launch or their in-house monopoly game or the crash game. Both would increase the value of their native token!

My Profit/Loss statement!

Well I am not a miner, while I don't mind getting some extra tokens, but I am more a gambler. The difference between the two is simple. A gambler's goal is to make a profit. He can win or loose, but he does it for the kick, enjoyment or just because he wants to win some money. A miner is a different type. He does expect to make a loss on the gambles but hopes that the dividend income from the tokens he mined will cover up the losses.

Crypcade is now 3 months running. And I can proudly report that I am in the green. At the moment I am having a profit of 21178 TRX. In fact it is a little bit more. By I only do count the deposits and the withdrawals. The money I still have in my Crypcade wallet can't be seen as a profit until I withdraw it because of course it can always be lost.

In July I made a profit of 10853 TRX, which was enough to recover the losses of June (-3102).

It would be great to also end the month of August in green figures, but time will tell.

The dividends!

While I am a gambler I still enjoy the daily dividend pay-outs. From the start until writing this report, I did earn 3418 TRX from the dividends. The month of July was good for 1077 TRX. This was a rather big decrease compared to June where I did net 1577 TRX.

The average daily payout dropped from 52 TRX towards 34 TRX. The average since my start at Crypcade is still at 46 TRX Daily. But the 7 days average is declining.


But it looks like we are lifting off again. The reason from the steep decrease was 2 folded, on one side someone had a big winning day which did result into a 0 pay day, the other is due to the lack of gamblers. Gamblers are always great when having some tokens!

I do hope that the improvements the team made, will attract more players. I really do think that Crypcade is one of the better gambling dapps around. When they will have multi currency and more games, the future will be very bright for them! Also another reason is also because my share is decreasing. Which is good from one side, because more and more bets are being placed. In July the double amount of tokens were earned compared to June, which is an indication that more and more players are liking Crypcade!

If you do want to give Crypcade a change then feel free to use my referral link:




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