Betfury did merge their tokens and does celebrate this with a prize pool of $100K!

Betfury did merge their tokens and does celebrate this with a prize pool of $100K!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 19 Mar 2021


Until yesterday Betfury did have 2 in house tokens. BFF TRX, which was the first one and BFG BTC, which was introduced when they did add Bitcoin as a crypto currency to gamble with!

2 weeks ago they did launch a pool asking if they players/owner did want a merge of the tokens. This would simplify things a lot. And the owners of the tokens did agree. So yesterday the swap took place. Since now there is only one token which can be earned with playing their games and which gives you a share of the daily dividend pool. BFG BTC is the token which did survive.
The TRX tokens were swapped with a ratio of around 4.6 TRX tokens for 1 BTC token.

And like always Betfury does celebrate this with a party with euhm a massive prize pool of $100.000. To my surprise for once there isn't a special box available;

Increased mining fee!


Until the 26th of March you will earn 15% more tokens when playing then normal. I am not so found on these mining promotion because if you don't play your current token holdings will decrease in value!


Party Spin!


Well this is the most interesting one according to me. For each 0.0018 BTC wagered you do get a spin at the wheel of Fortune. The lowest prize which can be won is 5 BFG BTC token but this does go up towards 1M BFG BTC token. Of course you also can wager wit other crypto, the value will be converted into BTC.

1M BFG BTC token will give you a dividend as in the image below. Imagine being the lucky bastard who does win this.


And like always they do have their daily battles, in which the prize pool also is increased!

If you aren't playing there yet: feel free to use my referral link:



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