5 Crypto Coins to Buy In 2020!

5 Crypto Coins to Buy In 2020!

By TheCryptoInvestor | TheCryptoBlog | 23 Feb 2020

The five best cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is based on a popular dApp processing platform, which is exactly where it receives its power from. According to live price tracker, this coin currently costs more than $270, but the 2020 predictions are positive. Some analysts also claim that Ethereum can even reach Bitcoin. 

2. Bitcoin

The list of the most promising cryptocurrencies would remain incomplete without Bitcoin. It’s like talking about content creation services and not discussing market leaders such as australianwritings.com or AssignmentHelper.com.au.

After three years of extreme ups and downs, Bitcoin finally stabilized in 2019 and it currently stands still at around $11.7 thousand. It’s the best answer for investors who want to play safely and expect a small long-term return on investments.

3. Litecoin

Litecoin may be very cheaper than Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it doesn’t completely reflect its market potential. For this purpose, we think investing in Litecoin could be a huge opportunity for all of you smart business people. How come? First of all, it costs slightly more than $100 so you don’t have to risk too much. Secondly, Litecoin has technical preconditions to become a global transaction network, which is more than enough to make you think to invest.

4. Ripple

Another cryptocurrency with the potential to rule the market is Ripple. It is worth barely $0.33 at the time, but things could change quickly if Ripple becomes the official solution for banking infrastructure. Some reports say that Visa and Western Union might someday include Ripple as their under-the-hood technology, which is quite a huge deal for this digital currency.

5. NEO

NEO currently costs almost $15, but we are sure it will increase significantly this year. The coin’s infrastructure is full of potential and it is the main reason why the Chinese government is also considering joining the NEO game. If this occurs any time soon, NEO might as well become one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies for agile investors.

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