The angle that meets the eye in a spiral of....jesbus?

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 8 Dec 2021

Hello there!

Just here to share 

And her to care

A revolving future that meets the corner of this eyes, that the ketchup sprayed everywhere, all over the fat girls tits...

We feel the succubi succumbing on all of our cucumbers yes?

Just a shout out to ol' boy relvis Kickin er back in the turn table kind of things.

Fuck I once looked out the window as scarfs took over my endeavors...

Not really sure we're Frank went that night, but I know he was home thinking about the BTC 

Thinking bout BTC fir sure...Frank's out there taking a Gunderson out for breakfast I tell you what.

Ever realize it is to late when you put on your trouser shorts and go skating?

I know I once did. And it was fucking experience boiii

To think we are ants in a snow globe wondering if I would just ask her out or realize I am already dating a fucking concubine passed down for generations...

I remember the blue sky as if I got throttled in the head a fortnight ago.

It's calling out "JIM"

as I sit her rubbing my nipples wondering " wtf have I done with my life" 

I glance in the mirror and see fucking potatoes.... Lool just plowed the carton of cigarettes.

The moral o the story is you can't make a few bucks with a candy cane.

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