Sooo Omicron(COVID) is here and I told yeah so, The realization.

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 29 Nov 2021

I have posted about COVID a decent amount on here, and I have had some like minded people agree and share there opinion with me.

But I have always said when it comes to the "vaccine" you can not stay vaccinated if the virus mutates, and alot of people blame " the unvaccinated " 

But to be honest some of the vaccinated can still get it and not even realize it. So in reality those people passing around along with unvaccinated really just helps it mutate.

COVID is the fucking common cold but jacked the fuck up and there is no cure for it.

But is a deadly virus all that bad?

Think about it for a minute...

How huge the population is already and how we are already at the point where we can't sustain our needs as there to many of us raping the planet, mainly big corporations that are blinded by greed.

It would suck if alot of died don't get me wrong but logically speaking if a quarter of the worlds population died... It would do EARTH good and probably slow down the demise of the human race.

COVID is a reminder that the government is fucked and that we can easily die.

With this omicron emerging, which I already knew would happen who is to know how far this virus can go. 

The world in all reality has no fucking clue how to combat see it in the press and all over the net.

Omicron is gunna fucking destroy a bunch of people. But when they think omicron is handled another one will emerge out of the fucking ashes of omicron.

Like I was saying there is so much greed and corruption in this world that is in turn going to destroy everything eventually. So maybe we all as a whole deserve this, COVIDs man made but karma is a bitch.

Sorry for ranting I called it though.

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