Do you like NFTs ? This IS A MUST READ

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 18 Nov 2021

Hello there. Welcome to my bait post.

NFTs are fucking retarded, first off there is no regulation, it takes literally money in energy to waste on keeping the NFT you own or others people do not own on a useless eth blockchain...

When it comes to NFTs buy a fuckin Pokemon card pack that's cheaper and a collectable fuck buy some fucking pop Funko, those will hold there value longer.

NFTs are a fad and a waste of coal...a waste of nuclear energy, a waste of solar energy, hydro energy. All of it a complete waste, and the gas feeeessssss 30+ just to make a picture you really do not own and has not regulation saying I can not copy it like a normal jpeg lol.

Nothing about them seem good, then people will say ohhh it's great for artists and all that shit...maybe but in reality no....

Without alot of backing NTFS are useless, just a shitty picture going for alot of money.

Celebrities can make a fuck ton of money off them easily as they are famous and people are bat shit crazy for buying that shit. For example Paris Hilton v..v love her n all but God damn v..v 

It is a FAD and nothing else. 

Have a good day.


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