LightNite War Stories #1

By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 8 Jan 2022

I'm going to be starting something new here on my blog, where I write about the experiences that I have had while playing the play2earn game called "LightNite" where you can actually win Bitcoin satoshis. If you would like to learn more about the game first, you can read this other blog post that I had previously made that kinda helps introduce the game a tad bit more.



Okay, so let's get into this week's war stories. (I have a couple)

On Wednesday, I had decided that I was going to play some Battle Royale on Lightnite... and so I hopped into the pre-game lobby. As I was waiting for 4 more players, randomly about 14 players showed up all at once! I was kind of taken off guard. I typed into the chat and was like "Woah, why is it so busy out of nowhere?" That is when one of the players in the lobby explained to me that there was a community event called "Wednesday Wars" going on and that if I joined the Twitch stream I would be able to earn extra sats. 

I ended up being able to play the last match with everyone in the Twitch stream. Since it was the last match before the stream ended, all players in the lobby won 5k sats just for being there! it was really awesome. I don't even remember what place I got in the battle royale match, I was just so happy to win some sats just for participating in the event haha. I can't wait til next Wednesday for the next war!! You know I'm coming strapped! 

                    (҂` ロ ´)︻デ═一 \(º □ º l|l)

My next war story has details. Bloody details that will make your skin crawl. Nah it probably won't do that to you. But that's okay... Let us jump right in!

The day was Friday. All was calm. I'm waiting in the lobby, there are 4 players and all we need is one more guy to join the lobby and then the match will be able to begin. That is when 12 more people show up out of nowhere. I start to realize that this situation seems to be a lot like Wednesday's situation... And so I jump onto Twitch and find the Lightnite community event stream and then the match begins. 

I jump off the floating pirate ship in the sky and land on the ground somewhere random in the mountains. As soon as I land, I see an enemy and he grabs an AR, so I know he has got 30 rounds of bullets with my name on it. However, I knew that I had the upper hand as he had not been aware of how close I was behind him. I picked up the Laser Gun and started to head towards my prey... I don't know what came over me though. 

As I was about to kill the enemy, I felt some sort of pity for him. Maybe that is why I decided to turn around and go search for some shields and health kits, maybe even some ammo and a better gun. So I chose to spare the poor guy and head in the opposite direction as he was headed. I find some ammo for the shotgun, some ammo for the sniper, and even some RPG ammo. While picking up the ammo, I also came across an RPG and sniper. All I really needed was an AR and a Shotgun at this point. 

I make my way around the mountain and suddenly I start to hear footsteps. And then there HE is. The poor soul that I decided to spare. Falling and tumbling down the mountain. He's running from the storm. I'm standing diagonally in front of him and yet he doesn't even see me. I watch him take damage twice from falling and then he pulls out a health kit. "No way buddy, that's for me" and ZRZRZRZR my Laser Gun pops off! I smacked the fool as he was low health and running away. Then I took the fall damage myself and used his dropped health kit on myself afterwards. He even had a Shotgun and an AR!! We were off to a good start, or so I thought...

I was still in need of some shields. My sniper bullets can be lethal, but so can anyone else's. One perfect headshot and you can lose all your health at once. This was something on my mind. I head down the mountain and walk towards the city. There is always good loot and plenty of fools to walk the streets for me to practice my aim on. That is when I come across Sneed. I follow him into a two-story building and I thought I saw him run up the steps. He somehow got behind me and then got 2 nice shots on me with his Shotgun. I had no Sheilds and so as I went in for the melee kill on him, I had dropped dead before he did.

"This punk Sneed, this Sneedy bastard.." These were things really running through my head at that moment. Sneed beat me and ended up camping the entire rest of the game and even ended up getting the Victory in the end. He won a Premium NFT valued at $30! I ended up having no luck for the rest of the games. I lost about 3 of them, but who knows, maybe my luck would turn around somehow.

The last game of the tournament was Team Deathmatch and in the Twitch stream, we all decided that it would be best if we played melee madness. The rules were simple. Melee kills only. No guns, no shields, no health. Just use your melee weapons. We ended up getting crushed but the other guys but i guess the winners were the host of the stream and some other guys who had already won sats and NFTs earlier. By a technicality, another player and I were named the winners. We both actually won 12.5k sats! He told me he was excited because he was gonna use his sats to buy some new NFT skins in the marketplace. (This is good because he only owns the default skin so far haha).

After the stream had ended, I decided to play one more game of Battle Royale. This game was going great, I was getting kills left and right... but go figure the stream ends and then I end up winning the match with a jump shot from my sniper into Pepe the frog's head! One-shot One-kill baby! Too bad I didn't win the first BR match and get that $30 Premium NFT. Oh well, there's always next week! 

Welp, thanks for reading my LightNite War Stories! If you'd like to play the game for yourself be sure to use my code for 20% off the game! You can pay with your card or with Bitcoin or BitcoinLightning. We can even add each other on Discord and play sometime! Just message me on here.


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