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By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 10 Oct 2021

Have you ever spent hours of your time playing battle royale or team-based shooters, just to unlock useless gun blueprints or skins for your character? Well if you answered yes, then honestly, I feel you there. Gaming can be so fun, and a good game can suck you in for hours, and have your hands cramping from clutching the controller and or from smacking those keys on your keyboard.

So don't you think you deserve to be rewarded for that time played? Meet Satoshi's Games. They are a company based out of Spain and the US, and they have big dreams and even bigger ways to execute those dreams... If you know anything about PC gaming, then I am sure you know of Steam. Well, Satoshi's Games have gone ahead and created their own game launcher, similar to Steam, called Elixir or the Elixir Platform. This platform has a built-in NFT marketplace and a store full of cool games that reward players with Bitcoin satoshi rewards just for playing!


For today's blog, we will be talking about one of Elixir's most popular game titles... LightNite!

Now that we established that, I will begin to explain some things about this game. 

1. Game Modes - This game offers a Battle Royale mode with a nice big beautiful map full of mountains and sandy beaches and even a vibrant city! They also have Team Death Match with 2 maps to play on. Last, they have Covid19 Survival, where you shoot and kill covid19 particles out of the air, as they chase you around the map like zombies!


2. NFTs - The NFTs in this game, act as character skins, weapons, and more. They exist on the Liquid Sidechain and can be bought/sold to other players on Elixir's marketplace. They have a limited supply and you can earn them for free when you win a game of Team Death Match or Battle Royale. Players burn their NFTs in order to receive more valuable assets, each time they burn an NFT, it lowers in supply and drives up in value. Lightnite NFTs can possibly turn out to be a great investment, as the future of blockchain gaming emerges.


3. Satoshi Rewards - When your team wins in TDM or when you win a match of Battle Royale, you can receive up to 1500 sats and an NFT as a reward. When you play the Covid 19 Survival, you can earn 10 sats for earning at least 1000 points in the match. These sats are able to be withdrawn via the Bitcoin Lightning Network! 


4. This game is still in Beta, however, there is a good amount of players who play it daily, and the game Devs are constantly adding patches and updates to both Elixir and LightNite weekly. Gold Release is scheduled for December 2021.


So, if this game looks/sounds interesting to you, then go ahead and buy it using my link, when you do.... you will get the game for 20% off and you will also be given 500 sats and 1 NFT for free, to help you get started on your LightNite adventure!

There is definitely a lot of potential with this game, and who knows... it could even be the next Axie Infinity!

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