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By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 1 Dec 2021

Hey guys, today I would like to talk to you about some of the most simple and easiest ways that I have found, to Earn Free Crypto while spending some time online. These methods are tried and true ways to help stack your portfolio to the moon. As someone who claims faucets daily and receives very little in exchange for doing so, I can testify that it doesn't always feel worth my effort. My method to earning more while claiming faucets is to only claim smaller coins such as BTT, so as the value per coin rises, as does your holdings. Allcoins.PW is currently giving users .30 BTT every 5 minutes. But what if I told you there were easier ways to go about collecting free coins. In this past year, I have been accumulating various cryptocurrencies in copious amounts, and I have been doing so... all for free! 

One of the first methods that I have found that really helps me earn crypto for free, would be to make the switch from using google's search engine and from Chrome's web browser... I have found that there are better solutions when using the internet, some of the best solutions I have found so far would be PreSearch as a replacement for Google and Brave Browser as a replacement for Chrome.


Why Use Presearch? 

Well, why not? I have found that people nowadays are so comfortable with having their data stolen and sold off to third parties. I mean we as a society are so desensitized by this happening to us, that we don't even justifiably ask for payment or compensation when this happens. Well, it was about time that someone created a search engine that was fully decentralized and paid you crypto daily, just to search things online. With PreSearch, you can currently earn up to 2.256 PRE daily. PRE is an ERC20 token that is currently valued at $0.25 per coin. One of my favorite things about PreSearch, is that you get to customize your search engine with multiple servers. This means that you can search using CoinMarketCap's servers and find a specific token's price per coin instantly. Or that you can search and find a specific youtube video, all without actually visiting youtube's website to look for it. They even allow you to search using DuckDuckGo or Google. The minimum withdrawal amount is currently 1000 PRE, so get on there and start (PRE)searching!


Why Use Brave Browser?

Much like PreSearch, Brave Browser has its own search engine... however, Brave Browser is more like Google Chrome or Firefox. Now the cool thing about Brave is that they allow you to opt in to receiving Brave Ads and it even has a built-in AdBlocker for non-brave ads. Now, with each Brave advertisement that you view, you will be rewarded with 0.01 BAT. Basic Attention Tokens or BAT is an ERC20 token that is currently valued at $1.48 per coin. You get the tokens dropped off into your Uphold wallet at the end of every month. To give you a better understanding of how much you can earn, I have earned $10 USD in BAT for the month of November alone. One of my favorite things about both PreSearch and Brave Browser is that I can use them together. Brave as my browser, and PreSearch as my default search engine... It is one hell of a combination!


Survey Website Known as FreeCash.

The next method I found is a little more time-consuming but really helps me earn some fast money. I'm talking about and earning coins from completing surveys and mobile app downloads. Now, I'm sure you have already thought of this method and said to yourself, well these websites never work and are often scams, but I can assure you that with this site, that is simply not the case. I have already made over $175 on this site and there are other users on there who have made over $3k! It really depends on how you spend your time there and if you qualify for the surveys. 10-minute surveys often reward you with 1000 coins. 5-minute surveys typically reward you with 500 coins. Sometimes you will even find surveys that payout 3-5 USD! The app downloads, on the other hand, can bring you anywhere from 100 coins to 20,000 coins! Some app offers are free to complete while others will require a small in-app purchase to be made, but you always get reimbursed when the offer is completed. When you have enough coins, head over to the shop, where you can trade in your coins for PayPal or Crypto! The minimum on PayPal gift cards is $5 and the min on crypto is $0.10. They have Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, and Ethereum available for you to pick from, so you have plenty of options! You can pick on chain withdraws, or even choose to send it to your Coinbase account, incurring no network fees. The coin to USD ratio on this website is 1000c to $1.00, meaning that 100 coins are worth 10 cents, and so on.


The Coin App

The Coin App is perfect for you if you like to hike, bike, or drive often. This app is unique because it allows users to create anonymous location data, represented as COIN from Geo mining GPS tiles. You then exchange your COIN for XYO tokens or other cool goodies like clothing or electronics! XYO is an ERC20 token that is currently valued at $0.05 per coin. The minimum withdrawal amount for new users is only 10k COIN. If you use the Coin App often and want to exchange your COIN for XYO for the second time, then the minimum changes to 50k COIN. This app can be very profitable, as you can buy a monthly membership or SentinelX NFC card to increase earnings. I have personally earned $90 in XYO tokens from this app, and I can truly say that XYO is the best-performing asset that I hold onto right now in my portfolio. The price per coin increase in the last year has been very attractive in my opinion. Plus leading exchanges such as Kucoin and Coinbase have even listed the token on their trading roster quite recently, meaning that XYO is currently here to play with the big dogs!


Torum SocialFi Metaverse

The last way that I have been accumulating free crypto throughout this past year, is by posting and interacting on social media. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly... Torum is a decentralized social media metaverse designed for Crypto Fanatics, that literally pays you XTM (Torum's native currency) for doing things like logging in or liking 5 posts daily. Currently, you can earn up to 1.375 XTM each day. XTM is an ERC20 and BEP20 token, meaning it is a cross-chain token that works on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. 1 XTM is currently worth $1.75 USD, and the daily withdrawal limit is 10,000 XTM. There is no withdrawal minimum however you do need to earn 500 XTM before your wallet "unlocks". XTM is currently trading on PancakeSwap and Uniswap, or you can buy it on Kucoin as well, as Kucoin is one of the project's sponsors. Another great thing about Torum, is that they have a built-in NFT marketplace, Decentralized Finance, and NFT Avatar's that can act as your online identity, giving the user a sense of anonymity.


I hope at least one of these methods for earning free crypto will be of use to you, as they all have been of use to me! If any of these methods have caught your eye, there are links listed below to help you sign up and get started on your earning journey! Thanks for reading!





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